The Aries Man, The Energetic One from Mars

With Fire being his element and his Ruler being the fiery red planet Mars, it is quite apparent as to why the Aries man is an embodiment of overwhelming masculine strength. Full of passion, courage, confidence, energy and sheer valor, it is impossible to ignore the Aries man. Vibrant to a fault, he loves to be in charge and in control of situations and when he is in love, he becomes even more dramatic.

Why You Should Go for An Aries Man

The Aries man is a sheer joy to be in love with, and this is even truer if you happen to be a Leo or Libra. Being under the influence of ever-restless Mars, he loves to protect his partner at all times and if there is any lover who should truly be called the knight in the shining armor, it is definitely the Aries man. He will stop at nothing to rescue his lover at even the flimsiest sign of danger or worry – he is reliable and dependable.

But being protective is not the only reason you should go for and settle with an Aries man. He will challenge you because he wants to always bring out the best in you, which is part of the aggressive nature of an Aries man. You cannot be with him and be dormant, bored or underperforming. As he is full of energy, he will always want to see the same in you. In other words, an Aries man is the type of partner who will always want to see the best in you.

Determined Lover and Hopeless Romantic

The typical Aries man has a childish part despite all the bravado that he puts up and this infantile aspect of his nature becomes even more prominent when he is in love. That partly explains why he loves to play, quarrel and even tease a lot. An Aries man loves energy-rich environments are many of them are turned when there is an interesting combination of extreme but intermittent femininity and resoluteness in their partners. He will want you to be very strong, yet feminine and a bit disobedient to him, Aries men love the challenge. They are intensely romantic and can love till the end of time.

When the time comes for an Aries man to fight for you or defend you, you can be very sure he is going to be there. A gregarious creature, he is often the life of the party and being an inherent alpha male, always emerges the champion of his clique. As a result of the fact that pride is everything to him, he will risk his own life to preserve your dignity.

Seducing an Aries Man

So, you have finally seen an Aries man you like but you are not sure about how to nail him with your legendary art of seduction. This section is definitely where you should pay full attention. Seducing an Aries man is truly an art on its own and the rewards are indeed plentiful if you do it the right away. The first thing you must have in mind is that you need to focus on your self first before an Aries man will find you worthy. This will be explained shortly.

If you recollect as stated earlier, an Aries man is full of self-confident worth and he carries himself with the elegance of an emperor or a king. Even though that may not mean anything to some people, this is a cardinal point when it comes to how to attract an Aries man. You need to start looking at the world from his perspective. Considering the fact that he sees himself as a king and already carries himself like an emperor, you will have to be a queen or an empress worthy of being by the side of the Aries heartthrob.

Another subtle way of saying this is that you have to step up your game before the Aries man will even notice you. You have to somewhat challenge him right in his own territory and because Aries cannot ignore a challenge, he will fall for your antics while trying to assert his power and authority. So, this is how you will go about it:

Be the Majestic Queen

You have to be as royal as possible in everything about you. You have to let out the Queen that is bottled up inside you. Do not appear gentle, subdued or too calm while trying to approach the Aries man. Nothing should be left out in making sure you look your very best and you carry yourself with so much pomp, majesty, and elegance that no Aries man on the planet will be able to ignore you, no matter how fiery he may be.

An Aries man is naturally driven and he seeks the same energy in a partner. You need to also project your own power, success, and grace in a way that he will not only notice but start considering you as a potential mate. You cannot afford to downgrade yourself in the presence of an Aries man you are planning to attract. However, you need to do this with a sense of moderation especially if you are far more successful than the Aries man. By nature, he is very touchy and will stop at nothing when it comes to tackling those he sees as rivals or superiors. You need to employ wisdom and tact if you are far ahead of the Aries man on the success ladder. He will find your modesty incredibly charming and irresistible, see it as a kind of stooping to conquer – just a bit.

Show No Timidity

Do not let his aura intimidate you in any way. Always have it at the back of your mind that there is one thing an Aries man will forever fall for – and that is nothing but a challenge. If you really want to attract an Aries man, you have to be in a position to test his strength and even pose as a rival or competitor sometimes. In a situation where you are into sports, challenge him to engage you in a sport that you selected. Aries men are totally sucked in by competitions, even a whiff of competitions leaves them triggered and stimulated. While challenging him, make a good impression of yourself and never let him win with minimal stress.

Exude Unbeatable Grace and Finesse

As a result of the fact that the Aries man is a rough fighter with no finesse, he is always on the hunt for a mate who has all the grace and finesse that are crucial for social interactions. In other words, he wishes for a soulmate who will refine him, and that is where you come into the picture. Exude so much grace and finesse that he will have no choice but to see you as his missing half. Once you ensnare him, start grooming him immediately. Stimulate that childish part of his nature and smoothen his rough edges, be firm at this stage, it will be crucial to your success. The Aries man may complain about your influence in this regard but he will be very grateful.

Be the Queen of Slyness

Aries men are very smart and for you to attract one completely, you will have to be very sneaky, wise and intelligent all at the same time. So, whenever you are communicating with him, do not play all your cards or be predictable. Master the art of communicating indirectly and that way you are the one in control, not him. This may be referred to as manipulation but see it as a sophisticated and effective form of expressing power, diplomacy, and influence. This is the best way to neutralize the raw energy of the ever-boisterous Aries man.

Winning the Heart of an Aries Man – Making Him Yours Forever

Now that you have successfully pinned down your Aries man, there are some very crucial things you need to note. The first is that you must never try to cage an Aries man because his freedom is his oxygen. He will always cherish his liberty and so whenever he informs you that he is on his way to spend some time with his friends in the club, you should understand. If you want to make an Aries man yours forever, you need to learn to let him be.

Even if he strays, he will always return to you, as long as you give him the peace to roam as freely as he wants because it is in his restless nature to be adventurous. The hard part of this is that such an adventure may sometimes mean having some brushing with other women, this is one thing both of you will really need to talk about ahead of time. An Aries man will most likely flirt but not necessarily because he wants to cheat but because he is always seeking an outlet for his natural energy. Good luck to you as you tame the most volcanic of all the signs!

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