The Aquarius Woman, the Communicator from Uranus

Aquarian women are different and unique – they are clearly in a class of their own. The masters of communication, they are very expressive when it comes to relationships. She is the type who will call you several times a day just to check up on you – yes, she is that sweet.

Why You Should Go for an Aquarius Woman

For men who love to be with women who are totally seeing reality from their unique and individual perspectives, the best option for them is the Aquarius woman. Absolutely brilliant and a deep thinker, she is going to allow you have a fresh perspective on everything. If you also love to be with a woman who has that fiery streak of activism in her and wants to make the world a better place, the best alternative once again here is the Aquarius woman. She is the type who can devote decades of her life to combating poverty or just working for orphans. She is that moved by cases of injustice or the passion to make the world a much better place. She is a deeply humanitarian personality and this is seen in everything that she does. If there is any lady who is to be called the saver of the world, then she is the one.

The Aquarius Woman, the Different Lover

She is not what you are going to expect and this is in relation to the fact that if you want her to follow what is expected in the society, you are going to be sorely disappointed. She is a very different woman and does not care about what people say or think about her. She determines her own reality and lives by her own standards of living. She is always thinking beyond convention and she is deeply inspired by the motive of justice and humanitarian matters.

Seducing an Aquarius Woman

Now that you know a lot about some of the aspects of the amazing personality of the Aquarius woman, you will be interested in how to make her fall for you. The following sections are going to be dedicated to techniques, tips, and strategies that you can make use of as far as seducing her are concerned. Stick to these suggestions and you are going to be better off for it.

Do Not Display Mental Weakness

She is an admirer of strength and whenever you are with her, do not make that mistake of letting her think that you are a weak soul. You have to let her know that you are one of the smartest and intelligent people that she has ever met in her life. For the Aquarius woman, life is straightforward and she does not have the time for little things. If you can let her know that your brain is on fire with ideas, knowledge, and wisdom, she is going to drop every other thing just for her to listen to you. She is very easy to approach, just make sure that you do not mess up the chance that she gives you.

Demonstrate Your Intelligence Without Shyness

The Aquarius woman is a hopeless sapiosexual and that means she is far more interested in what you have inside your brain than your great looks. The more intelligent and knowledgeable a person you are, the more she is going to passionately love you. Nothing arouses an Aquarius woman more than brilliance in others. So, if you are with her, let her know of all your intellectual exploits and take time to break down these things to her. If you are multilingual and can speak four languages at the same time, let her know of your fluency in these languages. If yours are superpowers in mathematics or history, make her day by letting her know of all your academic achievements and she is going to be very impressed. Aquarian women place a lot of emphasis and premium on intelligence and it is the first thing that they look out for whenever they are interested in relationships.

Let Her Be Free

Freedom is a very big deal for the Aquarians. If you want your seduction to work at all on her, you must not do anything that will make her think that falling in love with you is going to be the same as her losing her freedom. It is very important for her because fundamentally, the Aquarius woman is a rebel based on her sign and she is going to resist every single effort aimed at limiting her. Let her be free and do not do unreasonable things by trying to make her feel jealous because it is not going to work. Do not appear too desperate to win her heart because once she smells any sort of desperation from you, she is off. She cherishes her freedom than being in a relationship with anyone. She will not think twice when it comes to choosing her freedom over falling in love with anyone.

Be Unique

One of the things that will make an Aquarius woman see you in good light is if you stand out and mark yourself as very unique. Do not say what all the other guys are going to say when they approach her. Be very smart and inventive and come up with very outstanding ways to get her attention. The Aquarius woman is wanted by many men but she is quickly bored by men who come off as ordinary or usual. She is always looking for men who can be original in their own thoughts and ways of approaching life. For example, you can come up with your own style and sense of fashion. Do not just follow what is trending, if you really want to impress her, then craft your own style no matter how strange it looks and she will be spellbound. An Aquarius woman is far more attracted to individuals with unique and original minds than those who have no bearing or direction in life but just follow the crowd. If she sees that you are a man of your own standing, she will be more interested in knowing even more about you. So, to get her attention, just be you and stand out.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Recollect the fact that the Aquarius woman is someone who thinks deeply about things. She has this same approach when it comes to relationships and settling down with anyone. So, this is something you need to factor in your efforts to win her heart. Even though Aquarian women are very social and can become friends with practically anyone in a matter of minutes, they take their time when it comes to having romantic relationships with anyone.

The best thing you should do is to start slowly and continue on a steady path. You should first commence on the basis of friendship. Let her become your friend first then you build on that. She is not the one to quickly form romantic bonds with anyone and it is good that you do not push it. There is no way she is going to fall in love with you unless you are her friend first. So, if you are expecting her to jump into bed with you on the first date, that is something that is never going to happen with the Aquarius woman. Take your time, be a gentleman and become her friend first. Gradually and over time, she is going to give you more chances and opportunities to prove yourself.

Winning the Heart of an Aquarius Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

The key to the success of a lifelong relationship with an Aquarius woman is to first ensure that you totally comprehend her personality. This is important because if you do not understand her nature, you may think that she is a very strange person and that is clearly not the case. For example, your Aquarian lady can be by your side on the same bench and her mind is totally somewhere else, she might have been lost in thoughts. You may be having a discussion with her only for you to realize that she was absent-minded and not paying attention. Now, some impatient men can get angry with that, not knowing that it is just her nature sometimes to drift off in thoughts. Take time to get used to this aspect of her being.

She also views relationships from the angle of abstract concepts. She takes the little things in romance and relationship very seriously. She will value the intellectual part of love and you should keep her engaged on that. Respect her independence and freedom too and you will see her give you all the respect in the world. When it comes to the bedroom, an Aquarian babe is far from shy, she is very open-minded and will be very ready to experiment with you. Keep her satisfied in the bedroom and it is not unusual to see her come with relatively high libido – she is the Aquarius woman, get used to it!

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