The Aquarius Man, The Shy but Firm One from Uranus

A proper air sign, the Aquarius man is ruled by Uranus and this explains why at one time he is shy and at another time he will be combative. This in itself is not inherently bad as it offers him a better look at issues. He can be very visionary who plans ahead so do not be surprised when he tells you precisely what he has in place fifteen years from now.

Why You Should Go for An Aquarius Man

There are several reasons to go for an Aquarius man, numerous brilliant reasons and the first of these is that he is absolutely a lot of fun to be with. There is never a dull time with the Aquarius man but that is not where his gifts end. He is also very optimistic, real, natural and very helpful. Nothing makes him happier than seeing that he is able to assist the others in any way he can and this explains why he is involved in several humanitarian causes. For ladies who desire to have a lover who is very humane in all his ways, this is the perfect person to be with.
Another side of the Aquarius man that so many ladies will find irresistible is his brain. The brain of an Aquarius man is often compared to a supercomputer and that is because he is very smart, intelligent and solution-driven. He does not shy away from problems or challenges and anytime such arises, he is always up to the situation as he is always seeking solutions. He is never a coward and will not just take what life throws at him and surrender. He will fight till the very end until his goals are achieved, he is determined and very loyal.

Aquarius Man, the Fast-Thinking Lover

As their ruling planet is Uranus, Aquarius men have the incredible powers of swift thinking and this explains why they are often ahead in causes that benefit humanity and society. They are always eager to work with others and they find no problem with devoting all of their lives to other people. Therefore, if you happen to eventually fall for an Aquarius man, he will do everything possible just for you.

Seducing an Aquarius Man

If you have a very good idea of the things that turn on and excite an Aquarius man mentally, you will not have any problems at all with making him fall for you. The problem, however, is that not many people understand what these things are, and in this section, the focus is going to be on those actions you can take that will totally make an Aquarius man melt at your feet.

Display Your Essence with Some Dash of Eccentricity

The main mistake that so many people make when relating to the Aquarius man is that they end up behaving like who they are not. This ploy never works because the typical Aquarius man is attracted to people who are unique and outstanding. Therefore, if there is anything you should do, it is what will make you stand out from everyone else. Remain yourself, display all of your essence and even add what others will consider crazy and eccentric, just let everything flow naturally and there is no way the Aquarius man will not fall for your originality.

This should show in everything you do, if you are dressing, dress on your own terms, choose attire that reflects your choice and let the originality drip. Do not just follow fashion trends just to impress him or anyone else, do things on your own terms. Your individuality is a very good weapon that you must deploy on this hunt.

When the time comes for you to hold conversations, the same rule applies. Just say your mind and be free to express all your choices and preferences. Even if your choices are not what many others will consider to be mainstream, let the Aquarius man know those are your choices and do not apologize for your thoughts. These are things that the Aquarius man will find very charming and enchanting about you. Do not be boring all in a bid to follow the crowd, stand out and make a very good case for yourself.

Do Not Cage the Aquarius Man

To make this perfectly clear, the Aquarius man is a free spirit and if there is one thing you can do to totally and irreversibly upset the cart, it will be you to try to cage him. If there is any strategy that is doomed for failure with the Aquarius man, that is it. Do not choke him with endless demands or make life miserable for him by trying to watch his every move because of suspicion. Aquarians are natural dissidents and they will react badly if you try to rein him in, especially for no reason at all.

Do not waste your time by trying to let him get jealous because that is not going to have any effect either. If you like date one hundred people, the Aquarius man is clearly not going to lose sleep over it. As a matter of fact, he is simply going to cut off from you if he detects that you are trying to put him inside a cage. Never forget this if you really want to have a shot at making him fall for no one but you. Aquarians are not meant to be caged by anyone, the more you let them fly and roam free, the more control you are going to have over them.

Start Gradually

The Aquarius man is a deep thinker and he can quickly see things through. When the time comes for you to spin the webs of seduction, it is best you do so strategically. Do not be too frontal with it and for that reason, it is better you establish a kind friendship first. In fact, do not let him even know initially that you have feelings for him. Become his friend first and that will heighten the possibility of his falling in love with you later on.

There is a reason behind this logic. By becoming friends with him at first, you are tapping into that aspect of his nature that has to do with affinity with others. He naturally blends well with others and he is perfect at making friends with other people. To become a friend to others comes easily to him and he will be open to developing a friendship with you without any hesitation.

Also, Aquarius man finds it a bit stressful to just develop intimate relationships swiftly, and that is because he prefers to take his time first before diving into anything. This explains why for most Aquarius men, their romantic relationships often commence as warm friendships first, so it is good for you to follow this principle. Do not jeopardize your efforts by trying to sleep with him on a first date as that will not really work out well for you. An Aquarius man will most likely never fall in love with you unless you start up as his friend first. You will need to bid your time, focus on the game and start gradually, do not show your cards too early.

Be Sensitive

When communicating with Aquarius man, be very selective with the issues you are going to touch on. Do not go for very controversial and overly sensitive issues that will only lead to tension and nothing else. Aquarians are not fond of people who are just too touchy and unnecessarily sentimental. Therefore, you will do really well for yourself by focusing on issues that both sides will find intellectually vibrant and enjoyable. Do not pick on issues that he has clearly told you that he does not enjoy. He prefers very lively discussions on topics that stimulate the brains in the most positive ways possible.

Winning the Heart of an Aquarius Man – Making Him Yours Forever

At this stage, he has agreed to be with you and he is finally in love in with you but that is half of the work. The next stage is holding him down and this section is going to give you directions on exactly how to get that done. A major challenge that people and more importantly you are going to face with the Aquarius man is that because he wants freedom for everyone, he often feels that life is short and wants to do everything in a hurry.

For those who do not know how to handle this, they can see the Aquarius man as being unreasonable but for you his partner, you should not tow that line. Offer him great understanding and let him know that all is going to be fine especially concerning his plans for a better world for everyone. When others see him as cold, just know that he has the best intentions and not everyone may be able to see through this.

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