The Virgo Woman, the Perfectionist from Mercury

A passionate mind under the influence of Mercury, you are going to find the mental focus of the Virgo woman very enchanting and amiable indeed. She is also an Earth sign and if you want to bring the best out of her, just get on with something that will set her brain cells on fire.

Why You Should Go for A Virgo Woman

When it comes to seeing a perfect blend of beauty, grace, and brains in a woman, the Virgo woman is the ultimate example. She is the type of woman who will also keep you on your toes as a partner, with her, there is nothing like failure in the dictionary.

The Virgo Woman, The Most Organized Lover You Will Ever Have

If you dislike disorganized ladies, then you should consider choosing a Virgo woman, she is the real icon of perfection. She is so organized that you will begin to wonder if she has the brain of a supercomputer. If your life is a mess or you have trouble being organized yourself, being in a relationship with a Virgo woman is going to bring a lot of organization to your life. A very dedicated person devoted to work, she detests wasting time, her focus is on achieving as much as possible in the shortest period available. So, if you are the ambitious type eager to make the best out of your life, then this is the lady for you.

But you should also know that the Virgo woman is not just about being organized alone, she is also one that can be very loyal indeed. She is going to stand by you no matter what. She is not the one to leave you when things are bad. She will be with you through it all and that explains why they make the very best of life partners.

Seducing a Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is not your typical woman. She is extremely intelligent, sophisticated and highly observant. For this reason, it may not be an easy task to seduce her but with the right strategies in place, she is going to be yours in no time. Below are some of the most successful tips and strategies that you can make use of when the time comes to net your love.

Go Poetic

She is deeply romantic and things like poems really mean a lot to the Virgo woman. If you are the type who happens to be very good with words, then, by all means, make use of your gifts to serenade her. Sing for her, send her hand-written poems, send her romantic gifts that show that you are very thoughtful person who really feels for her, and she will start noticing you and your efforts.

Do Not Be In A Hurry

Well, not many will like to hear this fact but the Virgo woman is a very selective and picky creature and when it comes to going for a partner, she will exercise this same trait of hers. She is the type that can spend months or even years before she finally settles for you. But if she eventually goes for you, you can be sure she is going to be fully committed to no one else but you. However, if what you are desirous of is for her to agree after days or weeks, you may be disappointed. The perfect one from Mercury likes to take her time to do everything. Rushing her or putting her under pressure is only going to make things really complicated for you and she may even end up losing interest in you and your advances.

Be Prepared

Remember that it was hinted at earlier that the Virgo woman is not a dunce. She is one of the smartest people you will ever encounter. She is highly observant and her brain processes things faster than most people. She is highly logical and rational and she will not be afraid to disagree with you or even point out your flaws to you. That is the Virgo woman for you, very direct and takes no bullshit. So if you are expecting her to say sweet things just to make you happy on a date, you are very wrong and you are in for a very big surprise.

If you bring up assertions before her, she is going to expect you to prove those assertions and back them up with evidence. She is very knowledgeable in many things and the more you can show her that you also know, the more she is going to love you. The Virgo woman detests ignorance and anything that relates to it. You have to be mentally prepared so that by the time you leave her, she will be smiling thinking and believing she is about to fall in love with a genius.

Sincerity Matters

Now, there is another aspect of the Virgo woman you must totally be in tune with if you are to record any success with her. She totally dislikes those who make empty promises and never keep them. If you are going to do anything for her, do not even mention it to her, just do it. For her, actions will always and forever speak louder than words. So, for that reason alone, if you are used to making promises and never keeping them, then move far away from the Virgo woman. But on the flip side, if you are the type who knows how to plan very interesting surprises, then, by all means, do surprise her. Take her to places that she really loves but has never been there before, take her to events like book fairs, art shows, and museums, be deliberate and sincere with every of these and you got her.

Make A Good Impression of Yourself

If you are the typical bad guy, she is not going to be impressed with you. With the Virgo woman, the way you present yourself matters a lot. She is very principled by nature and for her, even the little things matter a lot. Do not be aggressive in your approach to her, be a gentleman and let her be impressed with your appearance, manners and everything about you. She is going to note every single move that you make so the ball really is in your court.

Start One Step At A Time

Of course, everyone loves to be with the Virgo woman but you really have to start gradually. The first thing you should do is not even confess your love for her. Your first aim and goal are to be friends with her first. She is the type that will take time before she gets to be in love with anyone. So to disarm her, engage her as a friend first and do not even make attempts to touch her or become overly romantic or sexual. All those moves will only chase her away. She is a very deliberate and methodical person, she likes to comprehend precisely what she is doing and whether she wants a relationship or not. So, the first goal is that of friendship.

Do Not Wait For Her To Make The First Move

Due to their nature, Virgo women can be very shy and reclusive. However, that does not mean that she does not love you. She is simply not the type who will make the first move and talk to you. For her, if you love and want her, then you have to press the trigger first. With time, she is going to get to trust you then things can pick up from there. But, making the first move does not mean you should ruin your chances. Be very responsible with it, go slowly and court her to no end.

Winning the Heart of a Virgo Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

Your Virgo woman is most likely going to remain yours for life only if you know how to press the right buttons. To keep her in your arms at all times, the first thing you should do is to tap into her creative and ambitious side. She is someone whose life revolves around setting goals and achieving them. These can be goals relating to business, career or relationships. Whatever the area, she is always going to have her eyes set on the goals. What you can do for her as a mate is to either help her start these goals or give her the fullest support.

Do not be a dream killer – she will hate you for that. If she wants to make a mark in the business world, be there with her. Even if you do not have the resources that she needs, all you need to do is to give her the maximum emotional and psychological support that you can muster. This means a lot to the Virgo woman and you should put that at the back of your mind.

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