The Virgo Man, The Most Thoughtful of them All

Unique in every way, the Virgo man is the very embodiment of perfection and flawlessness. The sixth number on the Zodiac and the only shifting earth sign, you will find the Virgo man to be very dynamic and reasonable. As a result of the fact that he is controlled by the forces of Mercury, he is considerably more sensitive than other men but he balances that with his impressive powers of being a visionary. He does not like unnecessary loud relationships and if he has his way, he will remain discreet about everything.

Why You Should Go for A Virgo Man

With a Virgo man, you will always know where you stand and that is because deceit is not part of his nature. He is always open and transparent in his dealings with you. Therefore, you can be sure there are no ugly secrets or nasty surprises anywhere out there to ruin your day. So, if you are desirous of being in love with a man whose words you can rely on, then the Virgo man is your best partner.

His powers of thinking are well ahead of the average and you can be sure he will do things for you even in your absence that shows that he really took his time to think of the action. That explains why special days like birthdays and anniversaries for the Virgo man are going to be very memorable events. He takes care to remember all your passions and the things you dislike, he tries his best to ensure he has a good understanding of how your mind works all in a bid to make the relationship a very enjoyable one for both of you.

Virgo Man, The Considerate Romantic

Virgo men are not harsh, they are often very soft, sympathetic and understand once they are in love with you. They always take time to consider all decisions that have to do with you and that is because they always want nothing but the very best for you.

Owing to their own nature, Virgo men also expect that you will reciprocate the same honesty and transparency that they use in dealing with you. They are very sincere lovers and they will be with you till the end of time. The only thing is that you must never take them for granted as that can make things go southwards really quickly.

Also, a Virgo man is likely to take time before actually settling for you. This is true even if he happens to really love you. He may not express himself right away so you may need to have some patience when dealing with the calculative Virgo. They can take time before forming any romantic bond with you and that is because once they do, they will remain very loyal to you and the relationship that you are both building together. If you are the type who loves attention, then you can be very sure of getting more than enough dose from your Virgo dude.

Seducing a Virgo Man

The secret to successfully seducing a Virgo man is by having a very clear understanding of his psychology. For a Virgo man, there are certain things that he deeply cherishes and desires in a lady and if you can do this, then you have won him over already. In this section are tips and hints that you can use to nail that Virgo man that you have been eyeing for so long.

Your Looks Are Paramount

For a Virgo man, appearance is everything, he places a lot of premium on the way a lady looks, especially when such a lady is going to be his soulmate. For this reason, you have to take the time to groom yourself and come out really smashing and elegant. You have to come off as clean and organized, stay simple and do not go crazy with the fashion. If you are going to use makeup, make sure that it is light and nothing out of the ordinary. Your looks have to be tidy, attractive and modest for him to appreciate. Many Virgo men are perfectionists so put in your best to let him know that you are more than equal to the task of meeting all his exacting standards.

Show Him Your Domestic Side

Another interesting thing with Virgo men is that they are passionate about home activities like cooking. So instead of taking him to an expensive eatery, it is much better you invite him over to your place and make him an amazing meal. In doing this, he will be able to see and appreciate how much of a lovely homemaker and future partner you are going to be. This often has a lot of effect on the Virgo man and he will find it difficult to get you off his mind.

No Late coming

It is often said that punctuality is the soul of business. Well, dating a Virgo man or having any kind of romantic relationship with him is also a serious business. Whenever you two have dates, do not be late for any reason, it will rub off really badly on you. Virgo men are big on keeping to time, etiquette and good conduct generally. If you keep him waiting, you are simply telling him he is not worthy and you are equally not deserving of him and this may end up jeopardizing everything. Let him know that you value and treasure him, and there is no better way to show this to a Virgo man than by showing up at the agreed time.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

No matter how smart or intelligent you are, you are not going to go very far with a Virgo man if you happen to be the dirty and disorganized type. If you know he is going to be coming to your place, then you better make sure the entire place is tidied up. Everywhere that is your space should be sparkling clean and he will fall even deeper than you might have envisaged. If you are dirty or stay inside clutter, he will not have an excellent opinion of you. It can sound like a little thing but it can doom all the efforts you are making.

No Dramas of Any Kind

Even if you are so charmed and smitten by the Virgo man, do not make the mistake of becoming emotional in his presence. It will only turn him off as he will begin to see you as nothing but a weakling and that is definitely not the impression you should make. By nature, Virgo men are not good at handling emotional drama so you should just stay away from such. Instead of becoming a drama queen, be rational in your behavior and even in your discussions with him. If you both happen to touch on very sensitive topics, remain in control of your emotions. If you have a point to make, just make it directly, nothing annoys and irritates a Virgo man more than you beating about the bush, do not be ambiguous about anything.

Make Your Communication Measured

A typical Virgo man does not like loud people, and this is what you must have in mind at all times. If you are the type who loves to chat away like a parrot, you have to measure your tone and do not be excessive. You should also not be dead silent like a graveyard, the most crucial thing is that you should be moderate in your conversations with him. The typical Virgo man is very good as a communicator but he is also a very good listener. So when the time comes for the two of you to have the chit-chat, ensure that you listen to him when he is talking and he will surely not interrupt you when you are also letting out your bottled thoughts.

Be Original

Do not make any attempt to impress the Virgo man by being fake because it is going to be futile. Remain true to yourself and let him know you exactly as you are. Do not be ashamed of your deficiencies or be embarrassed by admitting even some of your failures. Be open, transparent, plain and most importantly, be original and be yourself only.

Winning the Heart of a Virgo Man – Making Him Yours Forever

Well, as we all know, being able to successfully seduce a Virgo man is just one side of the story. Another side of the story is ensuring that he is yours and yours alone forever. For the Virgo man to remain eternally hooked to you, you have to be a very supporting and encouraging lady to him, especially regarding causes that he considers very important and dear to him. Be a source of positive energy and you will see him melt for you all the time. From all that has been said above, living with a Virgo man is sheer bliss – just make sure you take time to understand him very well.

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