The Taurus Woman, The Goddess of Sexuality

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus woman is the very icon of feminine sexuality and she is best described as a goddess in this aspect. She loves to be touched, hugged, kissed, pampered and cared for without limits.

Why You Should Go for A Taurus Woman

She is very supportive, encouraging and positive. If you are also the one who is deeply sensual in things, the Taurus woman is going to more than satisfy you. Because she is the most feminine of all the signs, you can expect her to take care of you the same way a mother would. She will cook for you, give you mindblowing sex, nurse you when sick and will allow you to get all the freedom that you want. Life is truly bliss when you are with a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman, The Authentic Lover from Venus

A Taurus woman is not a sex freak, she is actually a lot more interested in other romantic gestures like holding hands, hugs, pecks, kisses and can go crazy for something as simple as a forehead touch. She really cares about having a very deep connection with her lover so if you want a lady who is always in touch with you as a companion, the Taurus woman is the best candidate for this.

That she is not a sex freak does not mean she does not appreciate lovemaking. She actually does and she sees it as a very crucial part of the relationship. She is not a sex freak but you must satisfy her or else she will recoil away from you – but she will not cheat.

Seducing a Taurus Woman

Calmness Matters

A Taurus woman is not attracted to loud and uncouth men. If you think you can impress her by being a noisemaker, then you are going to get the shock of your life. She prefers her man to be calm, cool and collected. If you happen to be a high achiever and you do not even brag about all your successes in life, then she is going to fall for you almost instantly. For her, a successful relationship is all about security, affection, consistency, and stability. When she sees a thoughtful and calm man, she sees all these values in him.

Stimulate Her Senses

She is the goddess of sensuality and this is one thing you can use to your advantage. You have to do everything to provide stimulation to her senses. This interestingly can be achieved in a number of ways when it comes to arousing her senses of sight, smell, touch, and taste. An elegant dinner is a fantastic example of this but to get maximum effect, organize the dinner yourself. Let her see all candles herself as she is enjoying the delicious meals that you prepared with your outstanding chef skills.

By cooking for her, you have already stimulated a massive part of her soul and even if the food does not come out well, that you took your time to cook for her is enough to make her develop intimate feelings for you. And to make things easy, you do not even need to make very expensive meals for her, something simple and nutritious or better still, healthy, is going to get the same impact. Focus on getting her to enjoy her favorite music as the dinner is going on.

Be Successful

As hinted earlier, there is no greater aphrodisiac for a Taurus woman than seeing a successful man. The more successful you are in your career, the higher the level of attraction she is going to have for you. This is because she instinctively searches for the man who can take care of her and the future family they will build together. So, if you are not an achiever by any description, then you should first double your hustle before you approach a Taurus woman. The more you achieve, the higher the attraction she is going to have for you.

Appearance Matters

Remember that she is the most sensual of all the women on the Zodiac. For the Taurus woman, looking good is a must and there must be no compromise at all. You have to take your time to look good, smell good and appear nice if you want your heart to belong to the Taurus woman. She cares deeply about the health and looks of her man. Before you approach her, ensure that your looks are excellent by all descriptions.

Let Her Know You Are on Her Side

A Taurus woman derives satisfaction from knowing that her partner is on the same thing with her. Let her know that you appreciate her causes, passions, and likes. Refrain from useless criticism of what she does and do your best to give her all the support and encouragement that you can. She loves to know that her relationship is going to be one in which both parties will be looking in the same direction together.

Be A Man

The last person a Taurus woman is going to fall in love with is a weakling. Whenever you are with her and working your gifts of seduction on her, do not make the mortal mistake of appearing weak or feeble at all. She is instantly going to lose interest if she perceives any hint of weakness from your end. Nothing moves a Taurus woman more than a man who is a beacon of strength, confidence, and assurance in his own abilities. Let her know that you are going to provide good leadership and direction in the relationship. She wants to be with a man who knows exactly what he is doing.

Remain Mature and Positive

She does not like pessimists. Any whiff of negative energy and he will be off faster than you can ever imagine. She also does not like childish moves in any way. You should go straight to the point and address her just like any other adult and she will be impressed. Avoid trying to play emotional games as she is going to observe that immediately and tune out. Do not also come across as an arrogant jerk who will make her bow at your feet. Remember she is the goddess from Venus and she cannot be intimidated. However, if you make a good show of your manners, she is definitely going to consider you.

Another charm that you can try out on her with positive results is to remain honest and reliable. She is always going to be by your side and you can trust her words. However, you must always reciprocate these kind gestures from her end. Trying to take a Taurus woman for granted is definitely going to backfire big time and very badly – do not even try it. If you make promises to her, then you should keep it.

Tap into Her Soul

A Taurus woman is more in tune with nature and even though she might appreciate the glitz and glare of the city, she is in her best elements when you take her to the countryside. She is passionate about the environment and loves the quiet life. Take her to the rural areas and let her enjoy the silent and tranquil life, camp and hike across national parks together and watch her melt into your arms at every time.

Winning the Heart of a Taurus Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

Now that she is yours, all you need to do is to consolidate that love. For the Venusian goddess of love that the Taurus woman is, you will not need to exert a lot of effort to keep her as long as you know what you are doing. The first is that you have to always express patience with her. She can appear to be absent-minded some times and that is because she has a lot going on in her mind. Because of her overactive mind, she may even be suspicious of your actions sometimes but just brush these off by letting her know you have eyes for her and for her only.

Apart from patience, another thing that can really delight your Taurus lady is for you to let her remain secure in the relationship at all times. For her, security is the ultimate in every relationship that she is in. The main way by which you can ensure this is done is not by actually pampering her with gifts but by remaining successful in all your chosen endeavors.

A very creative bundle of energy, allowing the Taurus woman to have the freedom she needs to express herself is going to be a major plus for you. For example, she is very passionate about the arts and if you want her to be on your side, surprise her with tickets to museums, movies or even music concerts and carnivals. If she is into the arts herself, be her biggest fan and support all her efforts. Assist her in the promotion of her artworks and let her feel good about herself and her abilities. When things get stormy, remain at her side and you will reap the reward abundantly.

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