Taurus Man, The Stubborn Lover with a Heart of Gold

One thing you need to know about dating or falling in love with a Taurus man is not going to be easy. This is nothing but the honest truth and the earlier you know this, the better for you and your emotional stability. A Taurus man is typically hard to get and even harder to nail down. He is psychologically well-grounded and can be very choosy and extremely selective when he wants to love someone. Although a Taurus man is can be very romantic and can be a great lover, he can be really stubborn.

Why You Should Go for A Taurus Man

The Taurus man is clearly in a class of his own and there are several reasons why you should go for him. Here are some of those important reasons:


The typical Taurus man is not wasteful; he is very pragmatic and can be very thoughtful when it comes to deciding on things. He is never in a rush and thinks things through and is never impulsive. This pragmatic nature will rub off on you too especially if you are the type who is impulsive. It is also very good for the relationship as it is always good to stay with a man who can think properly before taking action on any issue.


Taurus men are not loud but they are very strong. So, if you want to be in a relationship based on strength, confidence and real charm, then the Taurus man is the best for you.


Taurus men make the most devoted and committed of lovers. When there is a problem or crisis, you can be sure your Taurus man is going to be there for you sticking out his neck until all is fine. For ladies who value the attribute of trustworthiness in men, the Taurus man is the best for you. The most productive relationships are those in which loyalty is cherished and valued. A Taurus man will let you know that he is very dependable and will be there for you through thick and thin at all times. If that is the type of relationship that you also desire, then you need to focus on the Taurus man.

Taurus Man, the Hot-Headed Lover

As hinted earlier, the Taurus man can be very obstinate on several issues. He can be really stubborn and will not waste time on anyone or any matter that he considers insignificant or irrelevant. But this does not extend to his idea of love and loving, if he loves you, you can count on it. His stubbornness is often directed at other general issues so even though he can hot-headed on other affairs, your relationship with him is in safe hands.

Seducing a Taurus Man

A Taurus man has his likes and preferences and if you are to seduce him successfully, then you need to have a fine grasp of how his mind works. He is big on certain values like strength, loyalty, femininity, and originality. In the sections below, all these will be properly explained.

Exhibit Strength

One of the things that a Taurus man really admires in a lady is the ability to project strength and determination. You should not display any hint of weakness in your character whenever you are into seducing him. Everything you do should make it clear that you are a lady of strength and determination.

Be Yourself

Another thing you need to realize that Taurus men hate fakery. You must always be yourself at all times, do not put up an appearance that is not yours. If there is anything that will melt the heart of a Taurus man, it will be your originality. Be yourself and be as natural as possible. With him, do not try to impress by just following the trends on social media, he will see through the deceit and lose all interest.

It is also important at this point to chip in that the Taurus man loves simplicity and that explains why some of the best family men are Tauruses. He will have no problems with helping you clean the home, do the dishes, cook or even take care of the children. If you want to increase or maximize your chances of nailing a Taurus man, then you should also exhibit these traits – show him that you are an excellent cook, a talented home builder, a reliable partner and you are halfway done already. The more resourceful you are, the more attractive he will find you.

Be A Real Woman

The Taurus man is deeply attracted to a lady who is never afraid of showing off her feminine side. If you want to trap him totally, lace the display of your femininity with elegance and sophistication and this will make you totally irresistible to him. If you have values that are considered too feminist, do not apologize for them before a Taurus man, stand your ground and let him see you for exactly who you are. Doing this will bring him to his knees sooner or later.

Do Not Joke with Consistency

Taurus men do not like drama or other over-the-top reactions. The more consistent you are with your actions, attitude and character, the more he will fall for you. Demonstrate to him that you are stable emotionally and can be predictable. The main reason why this is crucial is that as far as a Taurus man is concerned, loyalty, reliability, trust, and honesty are everything. They hold these values extremely dear and if these values are missing in you, he will not consider you at all.

No Rushing

Recollect that with the Taurus man, everything is one step at a time. As you are weaving your skills of seduction on his brain, you have to be methodical and meticulous about it. You need to bid your time and do not rush anything. The slightest detection of desperation on your part by the Taurus man is going to kill any attraction he has for you. This is because Taurus men take their time to make any decision and when relationships are involved, they even prefer to take longer periods to reach a conclusion just to ensure that they are making the right decision.

Winning the Heart of Taurus Man – Making Him Yours Forever

Okay, so you have deployed all the art of seduction on the stubborn creature called the Taurus man and he is now yours. Congratulations, but how do you ensure that he never loses interest in you? How do you ensure that you make him yours for all of eternity? This section is going to give you very valuable hints on what you can do to address this.

Keeping a Taurus man is directly linked to understanding his mind and the way he thinks. The first thing you need to do after he has fallen for you is that you should not change you are. Remember, for the Taurus man, consistency is everything for him. If you have a sudden shift in character or behavior after he has agreed to be with you, then he will feel you deceived him and that can eventually lead to a breakdown of the relationship.

Another thing you should do is to remain open and truthful to him at all times. Even if the truth is going to be embarrassing to you, never coat it with lies with your Taurus man. The more straightforward you are with him, the more love and affection he is going to cultivate for you. That is not all – your patience must be in full mode at all times. Now that he has settled for you, you still need not to rush anything, you have to take it easy and go one step after the other. For example, if he is still courting you, do not pressure him into meeting your parents or marrying you. The relationship with a Taurus man blossoms best when it is allowed to grow naturally on its own.

Last but not least, put your trust in the Taurus man. He will always be loyal to you and will trust you with his own life but he expects you to have the same belief in him. The more you believe in him and trust his decisions, the greater the reciprocity of his actions. This is because the Taurus man views the world in a sort of binary way and places a strong emphasis on justice. With him, there should be no cheating or deceit, it is either you are in or you are out, no halfway. Once you are able to stick to these principles, your relationship with the Taurus man is going to be that full of harmony, tranquility and mutual love.

Although it can be a very herculean task to attract and eventually nail a Taurus man, the truth is that the rewards are definitely worth all the stress and efforts. Therefore, if you are currently working on attracting a Taurus man, do not give up! With the Taurus man, it is never over until it is all over.

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