The Scorpio Man, Tough Spirit Ruled by Two Signs

Controlled and influenced by both Pluto and Mars, the Scorpio man is a formidable force and the strength of these forces reflects in the nature of the relationships that they maintain with their lovers. One outstanding feature with the Scorpio man is the extreme sense of emotionality – they are very emotional and the same is expressed in their sexuality too.

Why You Should Go for A Scorpio Man

Not all men are kind and calm, if you want a man who is very merciful and understanding psychologically, then your best bet is a Scorpio man. Because of the forces ruling them, Scorpio men are very jealous and possessive, so if you want a man who will remind you of your helicopter parents, they are the ones you should go for.

Another reason you should go for them has to do with their character. A typical Scorpio man is very kind-hearted, devoted and really gentle in handling everyone and especially those they cherish and treasure. They are beasts in the bedroom so if you happen to have a high libido, the Scorpio man is your match in the bedroom.

Scorpio Man, the Double-Edged Lover

It is really fascinating to see how Scorpio men love because, from all angles, it is a very impressive act. When a Scorpio man typically shows affection for a lady, then he does it to the highest level. Scorpio men really value deep bonds with their soulmates. For them, it is always going for the special person they believe was destined for them. Until they find the person that they consider their match made in heaven, a Scorpio man will not settle for less.

Intensely emotional, the Scorpio man does not do one leg in and one leg out. If he is in a relationship with you, then he is going all the way to the very end. However, there is a part of the Scorpio man that some may consider scary and that is the fact that if you cheat him, that deep love he has for you can quickly turn to murderous rage or even toxic hatred. In other words, a Scorpio man can swing to both extremes as far as emotions are concerned, it all depends on how you treat him. If you do not want him to show you that there is a very thin line between deep love and real hatred, treat him right and never take him for granted at any period in time. But the good thing is that he often deploys his emotions to the most positive causes and activities.
If you end up going out with a Scorpio man, you can expect nothing less than a first-class treatment. He will pamper you silly like no other and every outing is going to be a memory that will last a lifetime. If you are in need, you can be sure he will not disappoint you, he is always there for his loved ones. When it comes to romance, that is a different thing altogether simply because romance is based strictly on his own definition and not everyone has the same idea or concept of what romantic means.

Seducing a Scorpio Man

Be Decisive

Do you want this relationship with him for a fling, a regular relationship or something so serious that it can lead to a marriage? You need to be very clear and specific with what you want with a Scorpio man right from the very beginning. Considering the fact that Scorpio men are highly sensual, he will be very much open to the idea of a fling but they are also equally capable of maintaining more permanent relationships.

Even if he does not ask you your expectations of the relationship, do not leave him to make up his own assumptions, tell him exactly what you want and both of you can reach a middle ground.

Express Some Vulnerability

If you are able to open up to a Scorpio man, it will be very good for your chase. Open up really deep to him, let him in on some of your weaknesses or even one or two dark secrets and he will find you even more charming than you expected. Be as intimate as possible with him and let him know that you trust him. When a Scorpio man sees that you are reciprocating that feeling of trustworthiness. When he asks you questions, be as detailed as possible when giving him the answers. This is one step that is guaranteed to make you win his heart.

Prove Yourself and Hold Your Ground

Some of the smartest people on the face of the planet are Scorpio men and when you finally accost one via your art of seduction, he will do everything possible to see the stuff that you are made up of. Scorpio men love women with depth, intellectual depth to be specific. They really fall for such women so when the time for discussion arrives, do not spare anything as you unleash all the powers of your intellect to the fullest. If he brings up any topic, make sure you tackle it with finesse and grace, let him know how strong and endowed you are upstairs and he will be in awe of your cerebral majesty.

To really pull this off, also make sure that you are very well informed especially in relation to events in different parts of the globe. Arts, literature, geography, science and other areas of knowledge should be touched as much as possible, read as much as you can and familiarize yourself with everything. When the time comes to express yourself and contribute to knowledge, do not hold back in any way. Impress the Scorpio man and let his jaws drop.

Check the Stars

It is also not a bad idea at all if you can decide to check your own Zodiac sign and see what the stars have in store for you relating to Scorpio men. If you are Pisces or Cancer, you are going to be the best fit. On the other hand, if you happen to be an Aries or even a Leo, then you may face some tough time with the Scorpio unless you are very diplomatic about how you handle things.

No Lies

If you even make the slightest attempt to be fake, the Scorpio man is going to detect it and he can cancel everything right there. So, under no condition should you try to pose to be who you are not. A Scorpio man will fully appreciate you for who you are but if you make any attempt to pass off any falsehood as reality, he is going to know and you will be ruining everything like that. For a Scorpio man, honesty and truthfulness are some of the values that they cherish the most and they expect that if they are going to fall in love with anyone, such people also need to possess the same qualities.

Scorpio men are so into these values that you can be sure that whatever you tell them in confidence that day remains confidential and you will not hear it from a third party. They expect the same level of honesty and trust from you too. So if you actually want to seduce a Scorpio man and succeed with it, there are some things that you must never do and the first is that you must never ever make the mistake of telling them lies. As hinted earlier, a Scorpio man can be so enraged with your peddling of falsehood that will lose all interest that he might have had in you before and you will not get him back. So, it is very important that you remain as open and as transparent as possible. In cases where the truth is bitter, do not hide or embellish it, spit it out and you will see that the Scorpio will even appreciate you far more for it.

Winning the Heart of a Scorpio Man – Making Him Yours Forever

Understanding the emotional side of a Scorpio man is crucial to making sure that he is going to remain yours till the end of time. It is necessary that you know that for a Scorpio man, trust is very vital. For him, it is either all or none, you must never give him any reason to doubt you, your words or your actions. He also expects that you trust him in equal measure too and he will not appreciate it if you are soaked up with insecurity, extreme jealousy or suspicion. That is the first point and one that you must never forget.

Another thing you can do is whenever you see him being furious or really angry for whatever reason, do not make the condition worse by becoming reactive. Do everything you can do to calm him down then discuss with him how you can work towards solutions together.

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