The Sagittarius Woman, the Exciting One from Jupiter

Independent and very exciting a personality, the Sagittarius woman is one of the most exciting ladies on the Zodiac. Absolutely interested in life, soul and philosophy, she is someone who can keep you engaged for as long as possible on issues. As long as she is given the wings, she is going to fly as high as possible. She is never afraid of exploring and learning new things. For her, the world is nothing but a playground to be explored.

Why You Should Go for a Sagittarius Woman

If you want a lover who is open-minded, charming and always ready to learn, then all you need to make your life complete is a Sagittarius woman. She is very warm, amiable and you can always rely on her for being a friend and a loyal companion on at all times.

Sagittarius Woman, the Open-Minded Charmer

An incorrigible romantic and positive-minded person, life with the Sagittarius woman is going to be one long interesting and amazing adventure. She is the type that can wake up on a weekend and decide to go for a hiking excursion. A total charmer, she is going to open your eyes to the most interesting aspects of life and let you see that life is truly worth living. She is very curious and she always wants to know everything, she hates ignorance and knowledge is one of the things that really turn her on.

Seducing a Sagittarius Woman

One of the most exciting human beings you are going to ever come across is the Sagittarius woman. An exciting creature under the influence of Jupiter, the god of all excitement, it is a lot of fun chasing the Sagittarius woman. Here are some very helpful and useful hints that you can utilize whenever you have the Sagittarius woman on your radar.

No Games and No Bullshit

It is important that you are very transparent and honest with everything that has to do with you as this is a very critical move when it comes to convincing a Sagittarius woman to fall in love with you. Sagittarius women are known for placing honesty and truthfulness above practically anything else. You have to be very open to her no matter what, even if the issue is somewhat embarrassing or not the most palatable of things to discuss. You can just let her know about it briefly then you later explain in detail. If you are able to do this, then you will find your Sagittarian woman not only appreciating your effort to be clean, she will also give you that modicum of respect that you really deserve.

Be Open-Minded

If you are the type of man who is so mentally rigid to the extent that he can never change his mind, then you better do not approach a Sagittarius woman. This is because she does not appreciate such men, she prefers people who are open-minded and never judgmental. She is interested in learning from as many people as possible and she knows that it is not a good thing to see the world just as black or white. She is very open to learning and she definitely looks forward to being with a man who also loves to learn. If you have a closed mind, then she is going to have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Friendship First

The Sagittarius woman is very much open to the idea of being in a romantic relationship. However, she does not like to jump into anything not to talk of jumping into a relationship. She loves to take her time and be gradual with things. For that reason, she will prefer that you start out as her friend first before you decide to come up with the issue of love and romance.

To maximize your chances with her, you need to focus properly on becoming her companion first. By being her companion, she is able to open up to you and let you know all of her desires, passions, fantasies, dreams, adventures, fears and even the deepest of her secrets. She is a very intelligent woman and she can discuss all day on practically any topic that you raise. So, if she sees you as a companion that she cannot only trust but gets to also share her life with, falling in love with you is just going to be a matter of time.

Be Fun To Be With

She is not going to get attracted to you if you are a very boring and bland person to be with. She is very much interested in men who are very humorous, can communicate well and are adorable in their own way. She seeks to find an ally that she can repose her trust in and depend on. She seeks to be with a man who is a lot of fun to be with and someone who can always be there for her. Therefore, if you happen to possess all these characteristics, then nothing should stop you from making that move.

Be Health Conscious

The Sagittarius woman is a very smart and intelligent woman. She does not gloss over risks and takes life itself very seriously. This explains why she is very much interested in men who pay a lot of attention to their health and wellbeing. Let her know that you do not also joke with your life, that you adopt very healthy plans and you even watch what you eat. Be physically trim and stick to healthy choices. If these are things that you can do, then she will not have any problems in giving you the chance and opportunity to chase her.

Show Her Your Adventurous Side

Remember that the Sagittarius woman is one hell of an adventurer and for her, the whole world is nothing but a platform to be explored and enjoyed while learning at the same time. As a result of this, you have to also let her realize that you share her passion for traveling. But as the saying goes, words are cheap. If you really want her to be impressed and give you a chance, you are not just going to tell her that you love traveling but you are also going to show it to her, you have to demonstrate it by actions. There is no better way for you to do this than to organize excursion trips, travel sessions and take her to places of attraction that will leave her wondering about the majesty of the planet and life itself. She is a big lover of adventure so by the time she starts associating you with adventure, then she is already in love with you.

Be Flirtatious

Even though the Sagittarius woman is a very shy lady by nature, what many do not realize about her is that she is very much into flirting. If you are a man who has shown interest in her at all, then you should go ahead and flirt with her. She is going to get the signal and respond accordingly. You have nothing to worry about but you have to do your flirting game in a way that does not bother her. You cannot afford to be too heavy on it because she will be shy at the initial stage but as you step up gradually, she is going to blend in and flow with you.

Winning the Heart of a Sagittarius Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

It is a totally loving thing if you end up with a Sagittarius woman. She is the most devoted, committed and loyal soulmate that anyone can find. But getting a Sagittarius woman to love you is one thing. Getting her to remain in a loving relationship is another thing. In this section, we are going to talk about some of the things that keep a Sagittarius woman well-grounded in a relationship for all of time.

The first is that you should not restrict her. By nature, the Sagittarius woman is a very curious mind and she does not like any form of restriction. So, if you want her to always cherish what both of you share, then let her have that freedom and do not cage her in any way. Caging a Sagittarius woman is tantamount to making her lose interest in the relationship and that is definitely not a cool thing.

Now that we are clear on the independence part, another thing you might want to have at the back of your mind with a Sagittarius woman is that you have to be the leader in the relationship. She is somewhat conservative and will expect you as her partner to lead her, guide her and show her things. She is not the type to be surprised by things so when you lead her on in the bedroom when making love, she is going to not just appreciate it, but will also be open to becoming as adventurous as possible in the bedroom.

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