The Sagittarius Man, The Legendary Adventurer and Romantic

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, there is probably none more interesting than Sagittarius. The majestic one being ruled by Jupiter, its symbols are the Centaur and the Archer. Sagittarius men are some of the most amazing people that you will ever meet.

Why You Should Go for A Sagittarius Man

Life is really made of memories and if you are looking forward to some of the most unforgettable moments of your life, then you need a Sagittarius man without a doubt.

Sagittarius, the Great Lover

They are great explorers with highly inquisitive minds, they want to see everything and are in a constant chase of trying to understand how the world works. So for those who will love to have an open-minded lover who also loves moving from place to place in search of adventure, he is the best for you.

Seducing a Sagittarius Man

It is very thrilling to chase a Sagittarius man but in order for you to get the precise results that you so desire, it is important that you follow the right steps. Below are hints that you can deploy when the time for seduction starts.

Test His Abilities

To catch a Sagittarius man off guard, you will have to be very strategic and totally unpredictable. You have to remain a puzzle for him and a nut to crack. However, this is a point that has to be made very clear. That you should test his abilities does not mean you make life miserable for him by being just impossibly hard to get. That is not your purpose here, all that you are to do is to pose a little challenge and do not be extremely for him to get.

Let him actually show you that he deserves to be with you, in other words, let him prove his worth. Even if you really love a Sagittarius man, you should not just throw yourself all over him. When you see that he is already falling for you, draw him further by engaging him in a variety of issues, especially the ones that are really stimulating mentally and deliberately antagonize him on some of these topics. Although some may even see this as being counterproductive, the fact is that it works with the Sagittarius man and you should make the best of such an option too.

Keep Him Guessing

Sagittarius men will be more intrigued with you when you make them guess. And one effective way by which you can get this done is by making sure that you do not spill everything about yourself at a go. Even though it may be tempting, you must resist the urge for you to tell him every single chapter of your life in detail. You should be systematic in your approach and the way that you reveal information about yourself to a Sagittarius man. Like a book, be opening your life to him one page after the other. The more you make yourself look mysterious, the more he is going to be thrilled by you and the more he is going to find you really fascinating.

Spark the Great Adventure

Knowing a Sagittarius man for who he is, he is the type of creature who detests staying in the same place for an extended period of time. He loves to move from place to place and for your seduction to work with full force, you must make arrangements that will include both of you traveling to places. The more adventure you can pack into these trips, the better for you. To make your plans even more effective, you should ask him about his favorite destinations and the places that he has on his bucket list but that he is yet to really tour.

Armed with all these details, the next thing that you should do is to organize these amazing travels with him and at the end of it all, you are going to have all the attention of your beloved archer. Another ploy that can also be very helpful is for you to come up with your own travel plans and ideas, tell him of places he has never heard of and then whisk him there, leave him shocked and excited at the same time. While on these trips, engage him in all kinds of activities, from horse riding to hiking to fishing, do all that you can and he will find you totally irresistible.

Be Fun to Be With

Make the eyes of the Sagittarius man twinkle and light up with excitement by making your meeting with him very memorable indeed. Engage in topics and issues that will make him not only very comfortable but also reeling with laughter. This is crucial because the Sagittarius man by nature is a very positive and optimistic person who sees the very best in life, they are not negative-minded and will never let gloom take over their lives. Do not dwell on negativity while you are around him, just concentrate on making the meeting eventful and fun. If you are not sure of how you want to go about this, simply ask him what are the things that he likes to do and do it. The more adrenaline-driven the activity is, the better.

Do Not Be Narrow Minded

Well, if you happen to be close-minded or you are the type that is extremely conservative on issues, then do not waste your time trying to seduce a Sagittarius man because it will not work. The reason for this is quite apparent, Sagittarius men are eternally curious and they are always looking for the next big adventure or ideas that will change the world. They are not bothered with the small things but the really amazing wonders of life. So, if your goal is to actually bring down one of these archers, you must be ready to be as open-minded as they are.

There are several ways by which you can achieve this. The first is that you can listen to all he has to say with rapt attention then you also share your own point of view but specifically making it clear that you are also equally open to listening to any other point of view so that you can learn more. Another thing that you can to totally sweep the Sagittarius man off his feet is for you to come up with an idea for an incredible voyage. You can challenge them going for cave exploration, bungee jumping or any crazy idea that your mind can manufacture in an instant. A Sagittarius man does not like staying in just one place, he is always in search of thrill, fun, adventure, and knowledge – give him something to chew on.

Let Him Trust You

With a Sagittarius man, curiosity is an integral part of the mix. He is going to be very interested in knowing as much as possible about you and this explains why he is going to ask you a lot of questions. When he starts dropping the questions, answer all the ones that you can with very truthful answers. If there is any question that you will not like to answer, just let him know that you cannot answer such a question for now and that is far better than you have to lie. One thing with the Sagittarius man is that he is an expert when it comes to sniffing out lies and fakery. Let him know that he can trust you and there is no better way for you to do this than opening up to him.

For him, honesty is a very cardinal point and that you are truthful to him means you want him to trust you. Lying to a Sagittarius man is not only going to diminish your value before him but it is also going to ruin all the chances that you have with him. It is clearly not worth it if you will not be straightforward with him on these issues.

Deploy Your Sexual Gifts

A typical Sagittarius man cannot resist flirting and this is one habit that you should use to your advantage. Flirt with him to no end and he will be stimulated by your bold moves. Once you hook him with your devastatingly effective flirting, you can then draw him deeper into your lair.

Winning the Heart of a Sagittarius Man – Making Him Yours Forever

After making good use of the hints above, you now have your Sagittarius man carefully in your arms and the next thing you are worrying about is how to keep him forever. Well, for a Sagittarius man, life is a lot easier than with some other males. All you just have to do is to keep the energy in the relationship going and your affection is going to remain intact and even grow better with time – it is definitely worth it doing all you can to attract a Sagittarius man for yourself.

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