The Pisces Woman, the Dreamer from Neptune

The 12th and the very last sign of the Zodiac, the Pisces woman is under the mighty influence of Neptune. For this reason, she has a high level of spirituality and this is very apparent in the way she relates to others. Highly imaginative, she is the one capable of dreaming about everything and anything while she carves her own path across life.

Why You Should Go for a Pisces Woman

The Piscean woman is the type of woman you will want to be by your side at your weakest moments. This is because she is exceedingly caring and nurturing, just like a mother. If you happen to be sick or down for whatever reason, she is the type of lover who is going to nurse you back to your feet. Nothing makes a Piscean woman more excited and joyful than her seeing her man get back on his feet and bouncing back to success. She is very considerate not just to you but to everyone. So, if you end up marrying her, she is going to have a very nice time with your family members. She may be considered as shy but she is definitely the warmest of them all.

Pisces Woman, Shy But Assured Lover

When it comes to love, she is very romantic because she is the type who can spend the whole day doing nothing but dreaming about her honeymoon or her marital union with the perfect lover. Pisces women are very big on issues that are related to romance, weddings, marriage, and love. However, even though she is very much into issues of love, she is shy and will never jump into any relationship. She will take her time to assess you first and see if you are worth her dreams. If you happen to be the man of her dreams, then you are sure she is going to be there for you at all times.

Seducing a Pisces Woman

One very distinctive feature about the Pisces woman is her ability to dwell in fantasies. She can and often dreams about practically everything. If you are going to maximize your chances with her, then it is important that you tap into this aspect of her nature. Before talking about the strategies that you can make use of in trapping her heart, you should know that the Pisces woman is going to go all out for you if she is in a relationship with you, so go for her. She is really worth all the effort. Here are some of the tips that will assist and guide you on your pursuit.

Do Not Make It Ordinary

Considering the fact that she loves fantasy, imagination, mystery and even magic, you have to make your approach have all these features. If you are going to approach her, then probe deep into her mind and be one with her fantasies. Do not talk of things that are ordinary and basic, but go a step further by delving into issues of the spiritual realm, the afterlife, and eternal love. These are very deep topics that leave the Pisces woman to be as stimulated as possible and once she sees that you are a fellow dreamer like her, she is going to key into your thoughts.

Be Very Romantic

The Pisces woman is very much into fantasy and this is why for her, romance is one of the most important things for her as far relationships are concerned. Therefore, if you are going to get her attention, you better be prepared. She is the dreamy Cinderella and she is not going to settle until she finds her Prince Charming.

That said, you have to show the romantic aspects of yourself to her, shower her with compliments, open the doors for her, get her very romantic gifts that reflect that you deeply thought about her and let her know how charming and beautiful she is. All these things mean a lot to the Pisces woman and she is going to have everything in her memory. If you are able to convince her that you are that romantic gentleman that she has been waiting for, then she is going to become really attracted to you. Take time to have flowers delivered at her office or write handwritten love notes for her. These are things that will make her keep thinking about you all day and at all times.

Maintain Good Manners

With the Pisces woman, there is absolutely no room for the bad boy. If you are a player, she is not going to be interested in your game at all. For her, it is very important that a man be polite and well-behaved. Even though some others may consider this to be old-fashioned, this means everything to her. She expects you to be well-behaved at all times either in public or in private. If you are the rude and arrogant type who is always insulting everyone, then she is not going to give you that audience that you want with her, she is simply going to walk away and give other people chances.

Do Not Be A Weakling or Fake

A Pisces woman is a very observant creature. She is going to pay attention to and examine every part of your expressions. Every single word that you utter is going to be placed under her microscope. Therefore, you must ensure that you ooze nothing but first-class confidence at every time. She loves her man to be a very confident person who is more than comfortable in his own skin. The more confidence you project, the more she is going to find you charming and attractive. She does not want to be with a man who is seen and considered a weakling by other people.

But that is not all, apart from being confident, there is another step that you have to take. That is you being very genuine and sincere. Do not fake anything about yourself, let her know you exactly as you are and do not let your relationship with her be based on lies. If she eventually discovers that you have been lying to her for one reason or the other, she is going to be disappointed and would want nothing to do with you. Moreover, she is very intuitive and will most likely detect immediately you are telling lies – it is totally not worth it, it is important that you remain true to yourself.

Winning the Heart of a Pisces Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

Life is full of challenges and for the Pisces woman, there is no better way to escape sometimes than by just dreaming. She is fond of dreaming and there is nothing you can do to stop her from doing just that. All you have to do is to allow her to keep dreaming then you guide her gently into reality. She is a dreamer because she is under the influence of charming Neptune. She has very deep complexities when it comes to her emotions so you have to be gentle with her. Sometimes, she seems to drift in and out of the physical and spiritual realms, that is nothing to worry about because it is an integral part of her nature. Be very tolerant and understanding.

In addition to what has been said above, another thing that is a very big deal with the Pisces woman is the idea of faithfulness. She is going to be fully committed and faithful to you and she expects nothing less than the same from you. If there is anything that can make a Pisces woman give up on you and the relationship, it is cheating on her. She is going to interpret that as sheer disrespect to her person and that you have taken her for granted. She is never going to stay with a cheat so you should reciprocate her kindness and devotion. She is going to give you peace and harmony so if you play the game properly, you are going to be in heaven with a Pisces woman. Remember also that one of the best seduction moves when chasing a Pisces woman is for you to be romantic but it does not stop there. If she eventually agrees to be your lover, you must never stop being romantic. For her, romance is the essence of a relationship and without it, a relationship is pretty much dead.

Also, the Pisces woman is one who can sacrifice a lot and give her everything for the person that she loves. However, the fact that she is very generous and selfless does not mean she is stupid. As man, do not take advantage of her kind nature because for her, there is a very fine line between true love and deep hatred. Overall, the Pisces woman is not one to be a trouble maker, she is often very easygoing, relaxed and reserved. She is never going to give you any problem, so go for her without hesitation!

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