The Pisces Man, The Visionary One from Neptune

Ruled by the majestic Neptune, the Pisces man is known for being deeply poetic and philosophical about a lot of things in life. Owing to their watery roots, they are never satisfied with navigating shallow water in any way. They like to be intense with the most important things in life.

Why You Should Go for A Pisces Man

The typical Pisces man has depth and they are not fascinated by small talk at all. He will engage you and make sure that he probes the very depth of your soul and existence. You may not even realize this on time but the Pisces man is genuinely interested in everything that has to do with you. For those who are into such men, here is the perfect specimen for you. With a Pisces man, you are sure no one is going to ignore you, you are going to get his full attention.

Wisdom is also another reason why you should consider going for a Pisces man. As the very last sign of the Zodiac, they are the oldest of souls and have the ability to see deeper and farther than most people. This reflects clearly in the mature way with which they handle issues.

A Pisces man also wants perfect balance and harmony in the relationship with you. He desires unity between the two of you more than anything. He is totally overwhelming when it comes to being romantic – you will rather be with a Pisces man than with anyone else.

Pisces, The Unforgettable Romantic

The Pisces man is under the influence of water since his star is that of Neptune, the god of the sea. Water by nature has the ability to penetrate everything and everywhere and it is precisely the same way with him. His romance is all-encompassing and he is going to fill up every space in your soul with so much love that you will be wondering if he is actually human. The Pisces man does not leave anything out when it comes to leaving his woman with very pleasant memories. With him, everything is very relaxed and you will have no headaches dating him.

Seducing a Pisces Man

Be Very Open

An aspect of the nature of the Pisces man that many people are not aware of is that he is incredibly transparent. He loves to cherish his woman and share everything with him. He is very emotional and with him, there is no judgment and no topic can be too sensitive to be discussed. The more you open up to him, the more he is going to appreciate you. Very considerate by nature, he will care about you if you tell him things about you. Do not leave him to guess things, he will appreciate you more if you trust him enough to reveal everything to him. Open up and engage him in discussions, also listen carefully to him when he also reciprocates the gesture. For this reason, it is actually not difficult to get a Pisces man to attract you, just flash him a few flirtatious glances and engage him.

Penetrate His Character

Without a doubt, the Pisces man is full of compassion and mercy and this is one aspect you can always stimulate. Nothing thrills him more than being able to be there for his loved one. If you want your seduction to have maximum impact, then you must learn how to make his kind part become active. Present to him a challenge you are facing and let him know that you need his help. Make it very clear that no one else apart from him can render the assistance that you want, this will move him as he will be very delighted that you gave him so much trust.

Tap into the Deeper Aspect of Yourself

Pisces men are mystics by nature, they love the deep and if you want him to admire anything tangible about you, it is the philosophical portion of your life. While he appreciates your beauty, he will also honor you even more by knowing how your spirituality is like. He does not just want a physical and emotional connection with you, the Pisces man always wants to connect also at a spiritual level with his soulmate and companion.

Do not focus on superficial things when you are with your Pisces lover. He does not get moved by trivial things and issues. He is more in tune with nature and the serious topics of life, the deeper you can go intellectually, the greater the grip you have over him. Take him on exploration tours, attend music festivals together or recite poems and let him know that you equally appreciate the Universe the same way he does. If you are able to do this, your charm will have the desired effect on him.

Be Sensitive

Considering his nature, the Pisces man is not very aggressive emotionally and some even tend to take advantage of him because of this. You should not do the same, be sensitive to his emotional needs. Complimenting him goes a long way in improving his self-esteem. Speak highly of him and praise his attempts to make things better. However, you should not flatter him, make sure that every word that comes from your mouth is genuine and authentic. Do not deceive him just to make him happy, that will only make him sink psychologically. As you become genuine with him, he will have no problem with regards to trusting you.

Be Understanding, Rational and Calm

The Pisces man knows that even despite best attempts at stability, he can be quite clumsy many times and he is very aware of this. Thus, he always looks out for a partner who is a lot more stable, rational and calm. He loves to be pampered so get ready to treat him like a child with constant care. But you should also remember not to overdo it. Try and understand the progression of his mind and his emotions. He will get you annoyed on some occasions like coming late to a date or not even showing up at all. When such happens, resist the attempts to roast him, just be understanding and he will make it up with you in a big way.

Just maintain your calmness and he will always return to your arms. Some ladies make the mistake of just judging the Pisces man without understanding the fact that that is his own nature and he actually means no harm at all.

Trust Him

Cheating is not in the dictionary of a Pisces man so if you are going for one, be rest assured that he is not likely to leave your heart broken into a million pieces. He is going to remain fiercely loyal to you so you are in very safe hands. Learn to trust him because he does not really fancy chasing many ladies at the same time. Do not make life miserable for him by being unduly suspicious and jealous of everything. He will see and appreciate this maturity about you and the reward will be yours and yours alone.

Winning the Heart of a Pisces Man – Making Him Yours Forever

The real joy after falling in love with someone is actually getting to stay in love. After you have deployed all your powers of seduction to get your Pisces man, the next thing that will be on your mind is how to keep such a wonderful person. Well, it is not a difficult thing as we will explain in this section how you are going to go about it.

A Pisces man is someone who likes to meditate and think deeply about anything and everything. Even after giving his heart to you, it will take him a while before he reveals to you the fullest extent of his personality. At this stage, you as the lady may be wondering if he is keeping secrets from you or if he does not trust you enough but that is actually not the case, he is just taking his time. Do not rush him here, just go with the flow and he will come to appreciate you even more.

There is another aspect of the personality of the Pisces man that must be mentioned here. Remember that he takes a deep approach to things and for this reason, there are some times that he will want to be left alone just to dive into his innermost thoughts. During such periods, he does not want to interact with anyone and that includes you. It does not mean he has anything against you, that is just his nature. It is very important at that stage that you let him have his much-needed space. You will have to learn to cope with this and never use it against him. All in all, the Pisces man is such a fine specimen of a man – shoot your shot now!

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