The Libra Man, Icon of Justice

If there are any of the Zodiac signs that have justice, fairness, and balance as its core, it is Libra that leads such a set. This reality is expressed in the very nature of the Libra man and in all he does or in his interactions with others, like in romantic relationships.

Why You Should Go for A Libra Man

With the Libra man, you can be very sure of not being cheated upon, his entire view of life is governed by an innate sense of balance and justice and you will gain maximally from this as a lover, spouse or partner. But you must also remember never to cheat him as well because he will not rest until he gets his pound of flesh.

Libra Man, The Fair Lover

Owing to the fact that it is justice that governs his sign, the Libra man will be just and fair in his dealings with you as a partner. However, there is another side of the Libra man that you must know. This is the fact that he loves to talk a lot about himself. A Libra man can spend the entire day on one topic – himself. This is a point you need to note so that when both of you commence your communication, you will remember to give him all the time he needs to rant on and on about himself. Do not interrupt, let him tell you all about himself to his satisfaction.

Seducing a Libra Man

As it is with other men, if you want to record some remarkable success with making a Libra man fall for you, you need to have a proper comprehension of how he thinks and exactly how his mind works. Once you are able to do this, it becomes a lot easier for you to make him fall for your tricks of seduction. Because we want you to succeed, here are some hints that can help you on your hunt for a Libra man.

Be Social

Becoming shy or a social recluse are not options for you when you want to have a Libra man as a mate. The Libra man is gregarious by nature and if you want him to even notice you at all and get attracted later on, then you need to drop any pretense to shyness and go out there. He loves to attend parties, weddings, ceremonies, and other social events. If you are the type that does not like to attend these events, you need to change your mindset. Now that you know that your prospective life partner is a party animal, you will have to mingle with him in one of these events. Find out about the ones that excite him the most and then strike.

Trigger His Sign

By nature, the Libra man is obsessed with justice and fairness. His sign is represented by the scales just to illustrate how the concept of balance is crucial for him. So whenever you are having discussions with him, ensure that balance reflects in all you do. It is very imperative that you hold this dear to your heart at all times.

Closely related to this is also bringing up very intellectual topics. A Libra man will be more than impressed to see that you are focused on intellectual topics and not any of those sensitive, emotional issues that some women cannot stop themselves from getting into. While having these intellectual discussions, probe him further as to how his own opinions and why he holds them. The Libra man will be really thrilled to explain to you – he loves to be the teacher and if you let him know you are the type that is ready to learn, you have won him over already.

Be Strategic

One thing that you may not like to hear about the Libra man but which must be stated here is that he often has a lot of women around him, or he is always around them. This is not always his fault because he is charming and nice to a fault so naturally, ladies are attracted to him. So, for you who is interested in making such a man only yours, you need to be very strategic in your approach. You have to dismantle the influence of the other rival women who may be hovering around him.

However, you need to do this without causing any fracas. Another strategy you can deploy is to actually ignore all the other women and focus only on your man. Once you make him the target after isolation and focus maximally, he will have no choice but to notice you.

But you must not let your guard down even after you have captured his heart. The reason for that is because Libra men are notorious for becoming attracted to other women as quickly as they fell for you. In other words, you need to know you are playing the long game here.

Do Not Follow the Crowd

Since the Libra man is a high-demand commodity, you need to ensure you are not part of the ordinary folk if you really want to get his attention. Libra men are often very popular with people, they usually have many friends, admirers, and associates. Thus, for him to notice you, you need to take that extra step to get his attention. You must not follow the crowd, do everything possible to remain unique and totally outstanding. Become the cynosure of all eyes at the event and the Libra man will be dying to get your contacts.

Be A Woman in Its Totality

If there is anything that the Libra man cannot resist in a woman, it is seeing a lady who exudes the fullest glory, confidence, and elegance of femininity. This does not mean you should dress like Lady Gaga as that will get you the opposite effect. Being a woman here means remaining majestic and elegant while you deploy all your charms as a woman. You must remain charming, exotic and civilized – be in total control and steal the breaths of everyone in the room.

In order for you to successfully pull this off, avoid flashy and childish colors that will make you appear more as a masquerade than a potential wife. Do not pick loud and flashy colors, go for conservative colors that reflect your calmness and authority. If you are going to use makeup, then do not be excessive with it, the same instruction goes for jewels and ornaments.

Winning the Heart of a Libra Man – Making Him Yours Forever

As stated earlier, the Libra man is the icon of justice but that does not mean that even after he is yours, other women will not pester him. Remember that he is very kind, caring and affectionate and this alone attracts other women to him. This is a very sensitive development and if you find yourself in such a situation, be very calm and instead of opting for a confrontation that can scatter the relationship, just sit him down and discuss with him. He will see reason with you and be open with you on way to even strengthen your bonds. This is very easy with him because he is logical and rational. The importance of the discussions to bring his attention to the transgressions that even he might not have noticed because he can get carried away easily sometimes especially in social settings.

Considering the fact that he loves chatting, you can stimulate his speech faculties from time to time by coming up with very interesting topics, particularly topics that he finds really interesting and exciting. Libra men are quite talkative by nature so if you can keep them engaged, they will have no reluctance in spending the whole day with you. Just make sure that you keep dishing out very stimulating and even controversial topics. The more he finds it interesting to hold conversations with you, the more he will want to spend time with you, which is precisely what you want. Try your very best to make sure you do not leave him bored; a typical Libra man hates boredom and if the environment is not intellectually-stimulating enough for him, he will make attempts to seek that excitement somewhere else. It is your duty to ensure that is a condition that never arises.

Apart from that, another thing you can do to always keep your Libra man is to shower him with compliments and kind words. Libra men are very optimistic in nature and they have very favorable views of themselves. So, from time to time, aim well-composed compliments in his direction and he will be more than in love with you. Just make sure that the compliments are very sincere and genuine. He will fall for your flattery so do not shy away from making his swell all the time. Once you are able to do that, you can sleep with your two eyes closed – the Libra man is totally yours.

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