The Leo Woman, the Fierce One from the Sun

She is governed totally by the Sun and this powerful entity reflects itself in the way she loves. She has the tendency to always put you even before herself. She loves with her very essence and her totality. She can be very fierce when it comes to defending you or protecting the relationship. With the Leo woman, relationships are a lot of vibrant fun.

Why You Should Go for a Leo Woman

With a Leo woman, you can be sure of your place in her heart. Once she is in love with you, she rededicates herself to you and everything she does is going to be about you and you only. If there is any woman who can be utterly devoted to you as a lover, then it is the Leo woman.

Her love is the most reassuring that you can get from a woman and even when it looks like the relationship is having issues, she is not going to give up on you. That one you can be very sure of when it comes to being in a relationship with a Leo woman.

The Leo Woman, the Super Romantic and Warm Lover

If you desire to have a woman who will satisfy in the bedroom all day or one who will leave your belly full of the most delicious meals, you are definitely better off dating a Leo woman. As hinted earlier, your Leo woman is never going to give up on you or the relationship. Even when you decide to give up on her, she is never going to let go of you. She is the most determined, passionate and considerate of lovers. All you just need to do for her is to make her feel safe and secure, she is never going to ask for too much – that is the beauty of the Leo woman, she is a woman who will give you peace and tranquility.

Seducing a Leo Woman

After giving a detailed profile of the Leo woman, the next step is going to be how you can make her become yours. Well, that is not a problem as long as you follow the strategies that are being outlined in the sections that are to follow. As long as you make use of these seduction hints and tips, it is just a matter of time before the Leo woman will be at your feet full of love.

Make Her Head Swell

For obvious and understandable reasons, the Leo woman sees herself as nothing but a goddess. She considers herself to be an absolute goddess deserving of all the worship, attention and adoration that she can get. For this reason, the very first thing you must do is to ensure that you overload her with the sweetest words in your dictionary. You need to flatter her to the ends of the world and let her believe that she is not just the most beautiful lady on the planet but that she is the only one that you are willing to even risk your life for.

You need to get this point very clearly that flattery works perfectly well on the Leo woman. In fact, you do not have to be ashamed of it at all because all she wants at that stage is just for you to keep swelling her head with praises and the sweetest words ever. If you are the type who is also very good with written words, take your time to write some incredibly romantic poems for her. Surprise her with the most romantic of things, work on her vain nature and she will find herself unable to resist your charm.

This stage is very delicate because you have to do it properly. A single wrong move from you can mess up everything. Do not say anything negative about her, do not try to rubbish her opinions or she will cut you off right there and then. Remember, your first goal is to flatter her to the high heavens, say nothing that will get her furious and lose all interest in you. As a matter of fact, the more you can praise and heap compliments on her, the stronger the affection she is going to have for you. So if you happen to be the type who has the talent and gift to praise someone, then the time has come for you to deploy it for the sake of love – and do it flawlessly.

Do Not Be Boring

One thing you must also realize is that with the Leo woman, there is absolutely nothing like dullness or boring times. Remember she is of the Sun and nothing can contain her vibrant nature and energy. She loves exciting events like social engagements like parties, birthdays, weddings and so on. In fact, you increase your probability of winning her heart if you can organize a party just for her. For example, if her birthday is coming up soon and you decide to throw her a bash, she will totally love you for it.

She is quite energetic so you cannot afford to bore her by being too strict. At events, she will be the life of the party and will expect you to also blend very well with the flow. Even if you do not like parties, because of her, you will have no choice but to become a party lover. You will have to change your wardrobe, look and smell really good and she will be so happy to flaunt you to others.

But if you turn out to be a moody and boring person, then you should not even get a mile close to her at all because she will not find you fascinating in any way. She loves to be the cynosure of all eyes and you should allow her to do her thing. Do not make attempts to take the shine off her because that is one thing she will never forgive you for. Let all the attention be on her, she will enjoy it and reward you will undiluted love.

Be A Gentleman

The Leo woman is always full of self-confidence and assurance. She is the leader of all the females and you will be making a big mistake if you think she will be a slave to you. No one can actually cage her. So, if you are with her, you need to let her run her show. If she wants to pick the tab, let her do it. Do not disagree with her in public or ridicule her in any way. Do not issue commands to her, make her fall in love with you by seeking her opinions on matters. By allowing her be the alpha female that she really is, she will see you as a gentleman and respond in kind on her own.

Pamper Her

Of course, as a goddess, she is one who loves to be pampered. The more you can pamper her, the deeper the love she is going to have for you. Even though she comes off as an independent woman, one thing that is very certain with her is that she loves to be spoiled silly by her man. So, while you take time to show her how much you love her, ensure you pamper her with your time, gifts, listening ears and show her off in public.

Winning the Heart of a Leo Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

If there is one thing you need to put at the back of your mind while in a relationship with a Leo woman, then it has to be sex, yes, sex. This is because when it comes to making love, the Leo woman is the most open-minded lady in the zodiac. She absolutely adores her body, suffers no esteem issues and she clearly enjoys making love with her partner.

That said, if you are going to have her love you, you have to match her abilities and energies in the bedroom. You also need not worry because she is devoted to you and that she loves sex does not mean she is a slutty character. She is a goddess who will only give her body to the one she really loves and wants to be with. She will never deny you of sex and you should not deny her of the same too. She sees as sex being a very critical part of a relationship and you need to appreciate that perspective of hers.

Because commitment means a lot to the Leo woman, you must never make the mistake of taking her for granted. Remember that she remains a lioness at heart and even though she can be tamed by love, she can also become very fierce if you disappoint her or break her heart. What this means is that to keep the Leo woman yours for all of eternity, you just have to ensure that her trust in you is never betrayed.

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