The Leo Man, The King of them All

Ruled by the Sun, the Leo man is directly connected to the brightest sign in the Zodiac and it is no surprise at all that this shines through in his character and all he does. Like the Sun provides warmth and light to the entire Solar System, the Leo man is going to be a regular and reliable source of love, warmth, respect, and affection. He will treat you like a queen – but you must also treat him no less than a king, ruler or an emperor.

Why You Should Go for A Leo Man

So much has been said about Leo men over time and in this section, we will touch on some of them and you will have a better understanding of why you should select a Leo man.

Complete Confidence

Everything a Leo man does is regal. His utterances, thoughts, and actions all reflect the majesty of his nature. He is fully confident in his abilities, skills, and convictions. He is never intimidated by anything or by anyone. So, if you are with him, you can be sure of being with a confident man who will never be timid or turn into a coward because of one challenge or the other. He is that man who will always make you feel proud of him at every given chance.

Unlimited Excitement

Owing to the fact that he is full of boundless energy, the Leo man is guaranteed to keep you excited at all times. There is never a dull moment with the Leo man. You can be sure that he knows all the most interesting places in town and if he is not taking you out to any of them, he is busy lighting up your spirit with one of his many ambitious projects. Even when he faces serious challenges, you can be sure he will make you smile. Leo men can often come off as somewhat arrogant but the fact is that beneath their tough exterior is a heart that truly cares.


Being a king that he is, the Leo man has no time for bits of nonsense. When he is in a relationship, he is in it for the real deal. This is why commitment means everything to a Leo man. He is too serious-minded to engage in anything that will waste his time. For those who also value commitment in relationships, this is the way to go – the enlightened way of the Leo. A Leo man never does one leg in and another out when it comes to relationships. If he is in love with you, then you can sleep with both eyes closed.

Ambitious Nature

Just like Barack Obama and other countless men under this Zodiac sign who have achieved a lot, Leo men are never weaklings. They are always driven and will never settle for less. They are often visionaries and are unstoppable when focused on goals. As a lady, you will surely want a man who knows what he wants in life and not a lazy lout who will keep blaming everything on fate or bad government policies. A Leo man is always proactive and will not wait for anything to be handed to him on a platter of gold, he will continue his hustle until he gets his results. He is a natural leader and is highly-respected within and outside social circles.

The Most Majestic Lover with an Edge of Pride

Just like a big cat that he represents, the Leo man is always in full control of his senses. He cherishes and displays his absolute independence and this explains why he will always prefer to do things his own way. The Leo man loves freedom and will not do things just to please the crowd. He is too confident of himself to be swayed by external opinions.

Seducing a Leo Man

It is not easy tying down a Leo man because he is often the center of attention but for those who understand how his mind works, this is not a complicated matter. In the sections below, we are going to focus on the tested, tried and proven strategies to seduce the king of them all.

Be at Your Best

Well, if you are going to date a king, you better be a queen yourself. A Leo man will never settle for less so if you want to get his attention, you have to outshine every other lady around. You do this by taking very good care of yourself. You will have to restock your wardrobe and deck yourself in dresses that will turn you into the cynosure of all eyes at any event. You must appear perfectly cute at every single time you encounter the Leo man you have in mind. You must never fail with this.

Take time and ensure that your looks and appearance come out flawlessly. Every step you take must reflect undiluted elegance and speak of the exotic nature you proudly show off. As you do this, be measured in your exhibition so that you do not outshine the Leo man himself, but you are allowed to outshine everyone else. Your target is no one else but the king.

Invest Emotionally in Him

Once you finally get his attention, make the Leo man fall helplessly for you by listening to him and giving him your trust. Let him feel very safe and so secure with you that he will not hesitate to divulge his deepest secrets to you.

Be Bold – Get Physical

Some may be shocked at this audacity but one of the ways to unlock the heart of a Leo man is to be physical with him. Actually, a typical Leo man loves to be touched and he is very sensual. Feel free to dare him and flirt as you get his attention. If sex happens to come early on, do not shy away from it, it will only make him fall deeper for you. Hold his hands and hug him during interactions. Others may see this as outrageous but it is by being human with a Leo man that will open his eyes to you and fall for your charms.

Let Him Lead and Show Respect

One of the things you must never forget about the Leo man is that he is a creature of sheer ego and that is what drives him most of the time. A Leo man has to be in total control and will not tolerate any usurpation of his powers. This explains why one of the most effective ways to nail a Leo man is just by allowing him to take the leadership role. Do not even drag it with him, he is governed by the Sun and you will not like to see his hot side. Leo men are used to being honored and respected and he will not expect less from you. Do not just tell him that he is your king, show him clearly that he is your emperor. In all interactions, show him maximum respect and he will reciprocate properly. If you can do just this, you have done more than half of the work already.

Pamper Him

Beneath his steely exterior and constant show of strength lies a man who deeply craves to be loved, adored, pampered or even spoilt. To seduce a Leo man, finish him off with relentless affection. Drop calculated flatter, massage his ego and make him feel very good about himself. The more you do this and align with him, the more he will find you irresistible.

Do Not Put Him Down

Even though some other men may not see this as anything, it is a very big issue for a Leo man for you to put him down in any way at all. In cases of disagreement which are inevitable, be very diplomatic and mature as you pass your message across.

Winning the Heart of a Leo Man – Making Him Yours Forever

As hinted earlier, a Leo man does not go halfway in anything, if he is yours, then he is yours forever. Do not make the mistake of testing his fidelity by frolicking with other men. This will infuriate him so much that it can even lead to a total breakdown of the relationship.

Although the Leo man can be domineering and authoritative, it is a lot easier to keep him than other men. This is because he does not really demand much when it comes to remaining in a relationship. To make sure that your Leo man lover never has eyes for any other woman at all, demonstrate absolute loyalty to him. Do not make the mistake of even toying with the concept of faithfulness with him as that is the only thing he will not forgive. Remain loyal, respectful, understanding, supportive and let him lead and he will be yours completely. So pretty one, go out there and try your luck with the king of them all!

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