The Gemini Woman, The Ideal Partner from Mercury

The Gemini woman is under the influence of Mercury and this affects everything about her. She is often a respected intellectual whose powers of thought are clearly off the charts. If any lady is to be declared as truly outstanding, then it will be the Gemini woman.

Why You Should Go for A Gemini Woman

If you are a sapiosexual man, attracted only to the most cerebral of ladies, your best choice is a Gemini woman. This is because she is just too brilliant and will not hesitate to display her intellectual prowess at any given opportunity. She is very charming and will always give you that positive and exciting vibe at all times. Are you in search of a woman who can keep you engaged all day without any boring activity? You are best searching for a Gemini woman.

Gemini Woman, The Complete Lover

Often called the complete lover, a Gemini woman is the type of woman who will do everything to satisfy you as a woman. She will give you a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on for support, a heart that you can trust and a body that will keep you warm at night. The Gemini woman does not hold back, when she loves, she loves totally and absolutely. All you just need to do is to reciprocate her good gestures and she will never let you down.

Seducing a Gemini Woman

Although the Gemini woman is one of the most sought-after women on the planet, they actually make it easy to get across to them. They are not snobbish or arrogant in any way. If you want to try your luck, the following hints and tips will be of help and great assistance to you.

Flirt, Flirt, and Flirt

There is no use forming any saintly virtues before the Gemini woman. She loves flirting and if you want to get any chance with her, then start the flirting from your own end. Get her to start talking by sparking a conversation. Bring out the witty part of your character and watch her come alive. There are usually many men who want to have her so you have to stand out. Initiate conversations that will get to her and you stand a very good chance of becoming her king.

Talking of conversations with the Gemini woman, you need to know that it is important to do it properly. Even though she is the witty type, the Gemini woman will appreciate it a lot more if you can focus on gist that is connected to memories, humans, and topics that are interesting but not too sensitive. The more you are able to maintain these series of lively conversations, the more she is going to be feeling your vibes.

The type of flirting you should do should not be explicit in nature, it should be strictly intellectual and cerebral. Flirt like a genius and let your focus be on mentally-stimulating issues and not irrelevant topics.

Add Some Dose of Adventure

She will appreciate it a lot if you happen to be the adventurous type. This is because by nature, she is addicted to exciting activities and events and it is your duty and a critical part of your seduction moves to keep her satisfied. You have to display your sense of adventure in everything you do, from the way you live your life, to how you work and to even how you love and express romance. All these things mean a lot to the Gemini woman and if she sees that you are a very reliable source of excitement, she will prefer to be within your proximity. What this implies is that she prefers to go for extroverts than introverts and that makes a lot of sense. By nature, the Gemini woman herself is not introverted. She is always on the move to explore as much of the world as she can and she wants her Prince Charming to be precisely like that too. She does not want her man to be holed up all day in a room without seeing the Sun. You have to let her know and convince her that you are the master of adventure.

Do Not Forget Romance

Once you are seeing the green light from her end, engage the high gear of romance. Gemini women get weak when a man shows them that he is genuinely romantic. She loves romance and the more of it you can shower on her, the better for your moves. But as you are doing this, make sure you make it very unique and not just send cards like everyone else. Ask her precisely what she loves and prefers and if you keep it up, she will be yours in no time.

Move Gradually

At the initial phase, you need to proceed cautiously and even casually. Even though the Gemini woman is also searching for the right partner, she is not going to do so in a hurry. If you try to rush too much, you are going to lose her. Do not make the mistake of asking for sex on the first date with a Gemini woman. If you can, do not even display the affection you have for her from the very first day. Let everything grow gradually and she will respect you for that. It will also give her the much-needed time she needs to cultivate her mind and settle for you.

Do Not Keep Her Waiting

For a lady who is already restless by nature, she will not take it lightly if you decide to put her in needless suspense or you just want to keep her waiting. Do not waste time with the Gemini woman and every chance that she gives you to prove yourself to her, grab it and make the very best of it. She will only give such opportunities to those she considers treasured and cherished so do not mess it up. If you have agreed to a date, be there before her and she will see you as a man of honor and value.

Avoid Useless Dramas

If you think you are going to impress a Gemini woman by doing elaborate dramas, you are going to discover that it is nothing but a huge mistake. Gemini women do not like loud displays and you becoming unnecessarily dramatic either in public or in private is just going to chase her away. You have absolutely no reason to be a drama king with her because she just does not need it to win her heart.

Winning the Heart of a Gemini Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

Getting a Gemini woman to fall in love with you is one thing. As a matter of fact, it is just one half of the coin, the other more difficult half is getting her to stay with you for life. What makes this a bit tricky is that the Gemini woman has a lot of energy and things bore her quickly. If you do not press the right buttons at the right time, she can swiftly get tired of the relationship and can even opt for an exit. Of course, that is the last thing you will want to happen.

In order to prevent that from happening, you have to become very creative and invent ways and techniques that will keep her engaged and mentally stimulated at all times. You need to learn how to always compliment her in addition to also working on yourself so that you do not remain monotonous. The more creative you are with this, the better for you and your relationship with her. She loves the variety and that has to reflect in the relationship. Surprise her with thoughtful activities, gifts or experiences. Never let the relationship slip into monotony, take her to places that she never even existed before and watch her eyes light up with joy.

Be very spontaneous and this is what will keep her guessing as to what your next step is. That suspense is enough to make her get addicted to you. So, never ever forget to keep her on the edge with your unpredictable moves. Remaining boring and monotonous is one sure way to lose her, do not make that mistake and the Gemini woman will turn your life into sheer joy.

For a man who really desires to have a Gemini woman as his life partner, there is another thing you can do for her that will make you indelible in her mind: listen to her. Yes, listen to her. It can sound simple and easy but for a Gemini woman, it is everything. She loves talking and she loves it when her man can exercise the patience to listen to all her rants all day. You listening to her gives her peace of mind and makes her deepen the trust she has for you. The Gemini woman is truly the goddess every man should chase – try your luck too!

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