The Gemini Man, Dynamic Lover at All Times

When it comes to the Gemini man, you are not likely to find a more dynamic creature. For him, life and the world itself are interesting platforms to achieve as much as possible without wasting any time. It is for this reason that he always seems to be prepared for every event that life throws at him. Resilience is at the very core of the Gemini man. A man with a very intricate mind, the Gemini is the closest definition of ‘real’ when applied to men.

Why You Should Go for A Gemini Man

Because he is endowed with a sophisticated mind, it can be somewhat difficult to decipher the workings of the mind of a Gemini man sometimes but your fears and anxiety will disappear once you understand that is his nature. With him, you can be sure of safety and security.

Gemini Man, The Genuine Lover

When a Gemini man eventually falls for you, he will be totally unable to hide it. He will be all over you and everyone who knows him will know about you. That is because he cannot stop telling everyone about you. A Gemini man is compassionate and very considerate when it comes to falling in love. He will shower you with a lot of affection, flatter you to the ends of the world and will never forget your birthdays. This is important to know because if what you are expecting from a Gemini man is a private and quiet relationship, then you are on the wrong boat – he will not be shy to stay on the top of a mountain and declare his love for you before the entire world.

Seducing a Gemini Man

Yes, he may have a very deep mind but that does not mean seducing and ensnaring him is an impossible project. The following are effective moves that you can take when the time comes to make the Gemini man yours.

Do Not Make It Easy

A typical Gemini man has a mind that runs wild and fast like one of those advanced supercomputers. As a result, he will not bother himself with trivial matters. He scans and surveys everything swiftly, nothing little will grab his attention for long. So, the first thing you must have at the back of your mind while laying the emotional trap for a Gemini is that you must never make the mistake of allowing him to have your password or understand you fully. Get him attracted by your sheer presence then throw him off his balance by remaining totally unpredictable. Do not make it easy for him so he will not see you as regular and too easy to get. When you trigger the hunter instinct in the Gemini man, half of the work is done.

Get Ready and Be Prepared

Gemini men fancy themselves as the ultimate stars of being in control. They always have the right answers for even the most awkward questions and they seem to be impossible to nail or box into a corner. They are mentally gifted so you have to be ready upstairs too. Play him at his own emotional game and get set for all events and outcomes. Do not let him see you as easy prey, let him know that when it comes to the battle of wits and minds, you are no pushover. This will strike him emotionally and will arouse your interest in his mind.
Do not be boring at all, Gemini men know how to sustain conversations and make everything exciting and enjoyable. You should remain a mystery to him and exhibit some of the really crazy and bizarre aspects of your being sometimes. Make the fullest use of the charm called surprise, be firm and resolute and look him straight in the eyes whenever you see that you have thrown him off his balance – he will be thrilled at the challenge.

Show Your Bitchy Angle

It is not a surprise that Gemini men are the kings when it comes to flirting. If you are looking for a pious and holy man, then move far away from the typical Gemini man. He makes use of every part of his body to communicate and that is a chance for you, grab the opportunity with both hands. Show that you are also experienced when it comes to the game of flirtation.
While you are at it, do not focus on anything else, just ensure that your eyes are on the goal. Do not be distracted by the fact that he might be flirting with other ladies too. That will only break your spirit and lower the intensity of your game. A Gemini man visualizes everything in his mind first and for him, fantasy, pleasure, and fun mean a lot – give him these in equal dose and measure. Let him be in charge but at the same time, play the game to the fullest.

Do Not Hold Back Your Intelligence

One of the very few things that a Gemini man appreciates to the fullest is a display of intelligence from other humans. Captivate him and dazzle his mind with your mental brilliance. Do not shy at all when the time comes to roll out the mental guns. Gemini men will not be caught dead with a slowpoke so you need to let him know that you are also a deep thinker just like him. This can be done by engaging him in very intellectual discussions or by even playing games like chess or seeing who can solve a Rubik’s cube in mere seconds. Anything you know will activate his senses and show respect for your intellectual gifts, do it.

Hold Your Ground

When a Gemini man notices that you are far smarter than he must have envisaged, he may also try to do things to throw you off balance. But, this is when you should hold your ground. However, this has to be done in the most diplomatic way possible. Do not make it sound or feel like you are a stubborn or unyielding brat. Be flexible and play him as he is playing you but do hold your ground as the game is going on. Display your confidence and sense of self-assurance and you vastly increase the chances of making him yours.

Winning the Heart of a Gemini Man – Making Him Yours Forever

At this stage, the Gemini man is already yours and there is nothing that you can do to stop him from thinking about you – or talking about you all the time. The next thing to be done is to put the final nail in the romantic coffin so he remains yours forever. This can sound counterintuitive but once a Gemini man is yours, one of the first things you need to do in order to consolidate the relationship is to actually free him. You need to free him in the sense of allowing him to have his space and time for personal freedom.

Even though he already has all his emotional investments in you, the mind of the typical Gemini man is very active and for this reason, he will still keep working on other projects that are equally important to him. These can be business, job, professional engagements and other things so it is important that you do not attempt to make any radical change to his schedule. Respect his wishes when he feels like traveling alone or spending some time with his friends in the club. All these are equally important to the Gemini man as the relationship he has with you.

When in the bedroom, show him that you are very adventurous too. A Gemini man has no appreciation for any type of boredom when the time for sex comes. Take the initiative to spark the fire of lovemaking and you will see the Gemini man worship you forever. Do not be immature when it comes to sex, remain open-minded and you have your soulmate in the bag already. Always put this at the back of your mind.

Another thing you need to do when in a relationship with a Gemini man is that you have to always communicate with him using words and not only feelings. For a Gemini man, verbal communication means a lot and do not expect him to be a magician who can guess what is on your mind. The more affectionate and thoughtful your words are, the deeper will be his love for you. You will see his eyes light up with joy whenever he hears very sincere and thoughtful words. Instead of getting him random gifts, give him a phone call and tell him how much he means to you. For a Gemini man, this is everything. Writing him notes is also another major turn on for him, anything that involves well-crafted words is a sure bet to make him stay glued to you forever. Now that you know what to do, go ahead and shoot your shot with that Gemini soulmate you have been crushing for!

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