The Capricorn Man, The Complete Hustler

Ruled by Saturn, the Capricorn man is very focused in all he does, which explains why he has his hands in various enterprises. He is the type of man who would want to live life to the fullest and take the biggest advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He is clearly stimulated by profits and will do everything to maximize his gains legitimately.

Why You Should Go for A Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man does not joke with the love of his life. If he is your partner, then you can be very sure and confident that the love he has for you is not a fluke. Even though he may not be the most exciting of all men, he is clearly ahead of many of them when it comes to commitment. Fidelity is a biggie for him and he will protect you just like a father. The fatherly disposition is directly stemming from his sign and it is what you will enjoy as a woman. Because women love to be secure and warm in a relationship, it is the best bet to be in the hands of a Capricorn man.

The Capricorn Man, Resolute Leader

Based on the sign that influences him, the Capricorn man is always very reasonable and carries himself along with the aura of a leader. He is driven, passionate and very resourceful. That is the reason he views things from the perspective of a business leader. This character of his is going to be very useful for you if you are into business as well because he is going to be able to guide you properly and assist you in addition to deploying all the resources at his disposal to ensure that you succeed. Nothing pleases a Capricorn man than seeing his lady succeed and fly high.

If he is in love with you, he is going to give you all the time and everything he has just to ensure that you are a better person and record success in all you do. He knows how to lead and you will never have to worry about indecision because he will not only make his own decisions, he will also assist you in making the best of decisions too. He will give you very good advice, suggestions, and recommendations. All he desires is just for the two of you to be happy and prosperous together. So, if this is a description of the man that you want by your side, then keep reading the piece and maintain the chase.

Seducing a Capricorn Man

Although Scorpio and Taurus form some of the cutest matches with Capricorn man, that does not mean you cannot try your luck even if you are none of these signs. However, for you to record any significant success in your hunt for love with the Capricorn man, there are really powerful seduction tips that will definitely be of great help to you.


As you begin your game of seduction against the great Capricorn man, you need to deploy all your resources of patience. This is because, at the initial stage of everything, the Capricorn man is not going to fall for you easily. If there is anything like a man playing very hard to get, then it is the Capricorn man. Even if he clearly loves you and he is into you, there is no reason you think he will just fall for your charms. Considering the fact that he is a very ambitious man, he has his hands in a lot of things and this means that he is often facing a lot of hurdles or challenges. By extension, he is not impressed with little things so if you are to stand any chance at all with him, then you have to do a lot more to get his attention and approval. Even when you eventually get his attention, he will just make a slight gesture and nothing more. As you start the chase, he will more likely focus on his professional pursuits than romantic fantasies.

You do not give up at that stage but keep the game up until he notices that you really love him. Once you are able to let him know of your intentions, then you will see him let his guard down and that stage, he is going to be all over you. But even at that, do not expect anything too fast, he is very patient and he will take his time and then build upon that. He may not be the best of talkers or writers but you can be sure that he will send you thoughtful messages and get you gifts from time to time.

Do Not Judge Him

What many people do not really know or appreciate about the Capricorn man is that he has a rather slightly cynical or even pessimistic view of things in life. This is not a bad thing but because he is an extreme realist and does not deceive himself with false hopes or empty assumptions. If you notice this trend in his behavior, do not go about judging him or even getting angry, just do your best to understand him and know that he has the best of intentions. A lovely side to Capricorn man is that he will also not judge you but try and understand why you took the decisions you took in life, for him, it is a matter of do not judge so you are not judged yourself.

Do Not Be Frustrated

In many instances, it may be difficult to understand a Capricorn man, many think he is very complicated and some even say he is very cold and unfeeling. But that is actually not the case, the truth of the matter is that he likes to take his time, he does not like to rush into things and believe this or not, he is worried about failing or disappointing others so his ‘coldness’ is actually a way of coping and making sure that he is in control of the situations around him.

So if you feel like the Capricorn man is too complex and you even feel like giving up, you should know that it is not intentional, but he is actually trying to protect himself and also those he really cares about and you should not get frustrated and give up. Some other ladies who did not understand this simple fact about the Capricorn man have lost good men because they allowed themselves to be frustrated during the chase. In your case, make sure that never happens.

Be Respectful and Decent

For the Capricorn man, respect is a very big deal. Some may even misunderstand this part of him but you should know if you want everything to work out nicely with him. Do not be rude, arrogant or unnecessarily pesky. As you commence your conversations with him, take the lead and make politeness a point at every stage. This has nothing to do with his being nasty, it is just the way he feels about things and you have to respect it. Do not be indecent in your approach and conversations too. Remember that the Capricorn man thinks more like a corporate guru and board executive most of the time. It will be a smart idea if you maintain your discussions and interactions with him along that line.

Winning the Heart of a Capricorn Man – Making Him Yours Forever

If there is anything that a Capricorn man badly wants from his woman, it will be having a partner who is stable, reliable and resilient. If you want to a Capricorn man to remain yours for the rest of your beautiful life, then you need to give him that assurance of stability.

To really navigate the romantic waters with a Capricorn man, it is necessary that you are able to comprehend how his mind works. When compared with Cancer, the Capricorn man is totally at the end of the spectrum. While Cancer is a raging ball of emotions, Capricorn man is virtually dead when it comes to being emotional but the good thing is that this does not get in the way of his showing his love for his partner. So, you should not get angry if he does not come across as a loquacious lover or if he does not show emotions when you expect him to, it is just the nature of his character.

Capricorn men are visionaries and long-term planners, they have everything well figured out and there is nothing better than sharing his visions, goals, and aims with him. Pitch in ideas from to time concerning his projects, encourage him and be there for him whenever he is depressed because of not achieving some of his goals. Being a calculative mind, he sees everything like an enterprise and if he sees his partner as a reliable and stable ally, nothing is ever going to make him leave your side.

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