The Cancer Woman, The One Ruled by the Water Sign

As her ruling element is water, it comes as no surprise at all that the Cancer woman is very natural and highly emotional. But these are also the things that make her the ideal woman to be with. She is always expressive with her lover and as long as you can get her to trust you, then you have a lover for life.

Why You Should Go for A Cancer Woman

There are several good reasons why a man should do everything possible to be with a Cancer woman. For starters, she is very romantic, warm and receptive. She is extremely sensual and you can be very sure that you will always find nothing but joy in her hands. This explains why men who have been in relationships with Cancer women are in the happiest marriages.

The Cancer Woman, The Impulsive Lover You Cannot Do Without

Owing to the simple fact that the Cancer woman is under the influence of the Water sign, you will see her displaying a lot of impulsiveness when it comes to emotions, she can even sound rash sometimes but that is just her character and she means no harm. When it comes to emotional vulnerability, she is at the top of the pyramid. If you want to get the most of her, then you have to invest some time into understanding her.

Seducing a Cancer Woman

If you really want to get a Cancer woman and you want her to be the woman for you, this is the point where you need to pay serious attention. For her, it is a kind of a mixed bowl because you need to show her that you can be weak or vulnerable and also display your strength at the same time. This can sound strange to some people but that should not include you, that is simply the nature of the Cancer woman.

Focus on Sincerity and Genuine Love

For the Cancer woman, very, for example, things are greater than positive values. You have let her know that you are transparent and honest and want nothing but the best for her. Whenever you are communicating with a Cancer woman, let her know that you just do not want to have a fling with her but that you really want her to be your partner. You have to let her know that she is totally loved, cherished and adored.

Be Yourself

The Cancer woman is actually not interested in how much money you have or how handsome you are, so do not waste your time with some plastic or cosmetic methods of trying to impress her. If there is anything that will impress her about you, it will be you just being yourself. She is more interested in hooking up with who will be her life partner and not a fling. Therefore, have this at the back of your mind at all times when dealing with or relating with her.

Understand Her Mood Swings

As hinted in the sections above, the Cancer woman is very prone to changes in emotions and that explains why you are going to see her go through a lot more mood swings than the regular woman. You have to display a great level of understanding and patience whenever she is in one of those moods. Do not give up on her just because she is having a bad day. The mood swings can come at any time, it can even be on your first date that she will be moody. Do not give it a second thought because she will surely come around.

No Manipulations

If you approach a Cancer woman with less than noble intentions, you can be sure that all bets are going to off very quickly. Do not try to manipulate her emotionally to be yours because it will never work. Do not be a player with her, just come out straight and do not beat about the bush. If you lover her and you have the feelings for her, just tell her to her face. Do not try to guilt-trip her or play on her emotions with mischief because it will backfire big time.

Play to Her Conservative Nature

A special character, the Cancer woman is not your typical lady out there. This is because she tends to be very conservative in her thoughts and preferences. If any lady can be described as being shy and conservative, then it has to be the Cancer woman. She loves what most people will call old-fashion or archaic chivalry but that is exactly what gets her to tick. Take your time to arrange dinners for her at the most amazing places for dining, open the doors for her, help her hold her jackets, write poems for her or take time to even sing her favorite songs for her. She is reserved and careful by nature but by the time you start to press all the right buttons, you will be amazed to see how excited she is going to be with you. This is one of the most effective strategies that you can make use of in your seduction of this amazing woman.

Get Serious

The Cancer woman is one who is very serious-minded. She is not one of those girls out there searching for a man to buy them a bottle or looking for one-night stands. She is very focused and is interested in the serious things of life like marriage. Therefore, if you want to be the lucky one, ensure that your discussions focus on the right issues that she loves to hear and that means topics like having children, marriage and building a home full of love and happiness.

To put this in another way, once you are able to get her to show some attraction towards you, be straightforward and ask her all the difficult questions. Do not shy away from this very important step, no question is out of limits. She loves to hear the difficult questions and also your perspective on such issues. As you are having these conversations with her, let her feel very safe and secure with you. Once she sees you as someone that she can trust, she is going to open up to you in the most amazing ways possible.

Make Her Laugh

The Cancer woman enjoys comedy and anything that will lighten her mood. If you are good at making jokes, then your time has come to shine. But should the case be that you are not too good with making jokes of yours, then all hope is not lost. Take her out to the latest comedy shows and watch her giggle all night in your arms. Even though she is more of an introvert, one of the few things she will not turn down regarding social events is an invitation to a comedy show.

Winning the Heart of a Cancer Woman – Making Her Yours Forever

Staying in a relationship with a Cancer woman can be one of the most productive and rewarding romantic experiences that any man can have. However, if you really want her to be yours forever, there are steps that you have to take. The first is you learning to adapt to and cope with her ever-changing moods. If it happens that she is upset or irritated by something, do not be reactive. Just remain calm and approach her with love, then try to ask her what the reason is for her change in mood. Because she trusts you as her man, she will open up to you and you should never judge her. Once you are able to flow with her like this over time, both of you will form a strong emotional bond that will serve both of you very well.

Relating to her emotions, that is not all. There are also going to be some times when she can exhibit some traits of insecurity. During such moments, do not panic, you just need to reassure her from time to time and everything is going to be fine. For her, security and safety in a relationship are very crucial. Do not leave her with ambiguous behavior and always come out straight to her. If you keep being secretive, then she will turn against you by being silent or even stopping all communications with you.

When she switches into the silence mode, it does not mean that the Cancer woman hates you or anything, she is actually trying to pass a message across to you. At that stage, all you need to do is to draw her near, give her those warm and cuddly hugs, run your hands through her hair and let her know that everything is just going to be fine. Appreciate all her efforts for you and the relationship and you will be amazed at how much love she is going to give you in return. A Cancer woman is definitely worth it and by all means, go for her!

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