The Cancer Man, The Emotional One from The Moon

Among men, the Cancer man is one of the most emotional in the sense that he has the impressive ability to be in touch with his own feelings. This explains why Cancer men come tops when it comes to ranking skills of parenthood, building relationships and nurturing a home. Ruled by the Moon, they are very sensitive and if they fall for you, every little thing will matter to them.

Why You Should Go for A Cancer Man

A Cancer man is an amazing lover to be on your side and here are some of the best reasons for such an assertion:


Of course, the goal of every romantic relationship is to ensure it leads to a life of joy building a home and family together. You stand a very good chance of having your own family by going for a Cancer man. This is because he is a big fan of everything connected to the concept of family. If you want to be a man who will always face up to and accept his responsibilities and not one who will vanish at the slightest hint of responsibility, the Cancer man is the very best option for you. With him, you are not going to end up heartbroken or become a neglected single mother.

Organized Character

The Cancer man is the very embodiment of refined manners, grace, and poise. If you are the messy and disorganized type, he will be of great help to you in rearranging your own life so that you get results that will improve all you do. It is this same sense of organization that allows him to build and nurture a home for you and all his loved ones.


Whenever the Cancer man is in love, you can be sure he will be devoted totally and he will not just say it, but also back up everything with actions. For ladies who love constant attention and would like to be pampered, Cancer men are those you must consider seriously when hunting for a life partner.

Compassionate Lover in All Ways

When a Cancer man falls for you, he does so completely. He will be focused on you and shower you with a lot of compassion. He is an absolute lover and his very soul quivers with affection not just for you but everyone around him. This explains why he has such deep bonds with children, family members, relatives, friends, and associates.

Seducing a Cancer Man

If you have a good understanding of how the mind of a Cancer man works, you will not have any problem with making him fall for you. In the sections below are some of the finest hints on how you can go about this.

Do Not Overdo It

If there are any features that a Cancer man appreciates in a lady, they will be modesty, beauty, intelligence with an impressive dose of grace. You should not come off as being rude or arrogant in any way. Remain polite in all your conversations with him but do not overdo anything. Just remain moderate, reasonable but also firm as a woman.

Let Him Know You Have Goals

Cancer men hate and detest parasites with a passion. If he has the slightest suspicion that a lady is nothing but a gold digger, he will be gone in a jiffy. So, as you weave your charms on him, let him be aware of your profession and how capable you are when it comes to taking very good care of yourself. The more independent you are, the more attracted he will be to you. Do not make him feel you are after him solely because of what you can get from him, let him know that you are also bringing something to the table.

Be A Hunter with Patience

Cancer men can be cautious and wary when it comes to relationships so as you are setting your traps of seduction, you need to know that it will take some time before you can start seeing the results that you desire. Do not rush anything and let him take as much time as he wants to process all the signals you are sending towards his direction.

Be Proactive, Chase Him

One thing you must clearly understand with the Cancer man is that if you want to seduce him and make the art of seduction to work, then you need to be proactive. By this, you will not just sit there and expect to come and sweep you off your feet. If you think he will chase you for months, then you do not understand the mind of the Cancer man. He is naturally wary of publicity especially in matters of the heart and because he does not really know how to cope with being told no, the Cancer man will prefer to stay on his own.

But once you understand this simple fact, you can then activate your own skills by chasing him. Release all your feminine powers and put them all into action. But again, you have to be very subtle with the chase, do not make it so apparent that he will begin to get suspicious about your real intentions. The first thing you should do in this regard is to befriend him first, just be friends first with no strings attached. With time, get to understand him and as you remove his veil of shyness, let him how you feel about him and how you are more than ready to be his soulmate. Once you have decided to tell him your romantic feelings, hold nothing back, pour out your mind and let him make his decision.

Winning the Heart of a Cancer Man – Making Him Yours Forever

Having a Cancer man by your side is definitely a beautiful thing but the more important thing that should be done is to ensure that he never leaves your side. In this section, we are going to be talking about those steps you need to take in order to keep your man yours forever.

First of these is for you to make him delicious meals, unleash your great powers of cooking and see him transfixed in your arms. The reason this works so well is that Cancer men love good food and if there is anything you should do to keep him loyal; it is to spoil him through his belly. The saying that the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach is most applicable to the Cancer man. Learn how to prepare his favorite meals and you have a mate for life. As a matter of fact, the more homemaking abilities you can demonstrate to him that you have, the deeper he is going to fall for you and all your charms.

Apart from food, there is another weakness in the spirit of the Cancer man and that is none other than his loved ones. For a Cancer man, nothing is more valuable than family, relatives, and friends. He is a very loyal friend and treats his buddies right. If you really want him to be yours for all eternity, then you need to be on the same page with him regarding this. You have to also love, cherish and treasure his family, friends, and anyone that he holds dear to hear. Ask of his family and friends, make attempts to meet them and see how proud he will be of you. No matter how tense the situation is, do not be rude to his family or friends in any way.

If there is anything that causes distress to the Cancer man, it is rubbishing those he holds very dear. Resist all temptations to cast aspersions on or speak negatively about his family, he will not find such funny at all and can damage the relationship. Compliment his family members as much as you can and do so with the highest sense of sincerity, this will touch him greatly. Therefore, you should not be surprised in any way to discover that your man is still a mama’s boy, that is just his nature and does not diminish the love he has for you in any way, shape or form.

Another side to the Cancer man is that he also appreciates it if you can update him as much as possible about your own family too. Let him know how growing up was for you and what your background looks like. This is vital because, for the Cancer man, everything revolves around the family. For this reason, let him also know and comprehend the fact that family is a very important part of your life too and see how quick he will be interested in permanently starting a new family with you. Overall, dating a Cancer man is a wonderful idea but ensure you have a very comprehensive understanding of their amazing minds before going for it – damn all the consequences and start with the seduction!

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