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    Best Sex Positions for Aquarius

    When it comes to sex, Aquarius becomes one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac to study. The second to the last sign on the Zodiac, Aquarians are those born in the period of the year that starts from the 20th of January and ends on the 18th of February. Because of the influencing […] More

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    How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

    The Aquarius Woman, the Communicator from Uranus Aquarian women are different and unique – they are clearly in a class of their own. The masters of communication, they are very expressive when it comes to relationships. She is the type who will call you several times a day just to check up on you – […] More

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    How to Attract an Aquarius Man

    The Aquarius Man, The Shy but Firm One from Uranus A proper air sign, the Aquarius man is ruled by Uranus and this explains why at one time he is shy and at another time he will be combative. This in itself is not inherently bad as it offers him a better look at issues. […] More