Born in the period between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September, the Virgo is under the influence of the curious power of Mercury. Occupying the sixth sign of the Zodiac, the Virgo is one of the most calculating when it comes to making love. Even though the Virgo woman can come across to anyone as being a very shy person, do not be deceived about their incredible passions for making love in the most mind-blowing ways. The Virgo is never shy to express herself or himself in the bedroom even though he or she is only going to do that with the person that he or she feels very safe and comfortable with.

Once a Virgo is in love with you and you have earned the trust, you can be sure to expect a dragon in the bedroom. It is absolutely energetic and full of everything vibrant once things roll beneath the sheets. One other thing that is associated with the Virgo nature is that they like everything to be in place and it is for this reason that some people have referred to them as being perfectionists.

Virgos bring this same mindset into the bedroom, they want every single sexual session to be flawless. For this reason, Virgos are more than willing to explore everything possible just for the pursuit of that perfect moment of ecstasy. When it comes to having a very memorable sexual experience, nothing beats being with the Virgo. In the following sections, the focus will be placed on the sex positions that the Virgo find most favorable.

Lazy Dog

In this style, the recipient is on the floor with the belly, the upper limbs are bent and the legs spread wide, with one of the knees of bent. At that point, the penetrating partner than positions himself on the lady. As he does this, he places all of his bulk over her then he commences the penetration.

In order to ensure that she is not overwhelmed with the weight, the hands can be used to provide more support and stability. Virgos love this style because it allows the sensation of being totally controlled by their lover and this is in addition to allowing for a high level of proximity which further heightens the sensual experience.


The famous doggy style is like second nature to the Virgo. This ‘dirty’ style makes the Virgo go gaga in the bedroom because practically no other style excites and energizes them more than doggy. Even though both partners are not able to face each other and exchange those hot glances in the heat of passion, it is still very much in the good books of the Virgos. There are some other things that can be done to make the doggy style the most memorable one for Virgo.

The penetrating partner can hold the hips of the lady so he can be able to achieve maximum thrust and grip. It is a position that enables the raw and brutal expression of control. Another style of doggy is the modified standing doggy. Here, the lovers are against a wall or any hard surface and the penetrating partner keeps ramming from behind with reckless abandon.


Here is another outstanding sex position cherished by Virgos over time. One feature of the shining position that must be pointed out here is the fullest enjoyment of foreplay. Intense foreplay in the shining position allows the Virgo to be in the proper mood and set the ball rolling under the sheets.

The best method of foreplay, in this case, is fellatio or cunnilingus, a kind of the modified 69 position where both partners can orally stimulate each other’s organs. In the shining position, one of the lovers is positioned sideways with the shoulder placed on a pillow for support then the upper limb is extended and the lower limbs are bent halfway.

Then the partner also positions himself sideways but this has to be done in the opposite way then he gradually moves his mouth towards the private parts of his lover. The other lover also reciprocates this gesture and continues the oral stimulation for as long as both sides can sustain it. The shining position often gives very intense orgasms and it is no surprise at all that it is favored by the seductive Virgos.


A time-honored style revered from time immemorial, the Aphrodite position of sexual intercourse is one of those that can leave the Virgo at the highest levels of celestial pleasure. The Virgo woman especially loves this position because it allows her to be treated like a real goddess of pleasure that she is, and that is because it is a very affectionate position to make love.

In the Aphrodite position, the penetrating side is in a sitting position and while at it, he extends his legs out and the recipient sits on his laps but she faces the side. This way, she ensures the penetrating partner is able to loop his arms under her laps.

At this position, it works like a conventional cowgirl or cowboy position and one of the greatest benefits of this position is that it allows the two lovers to jointly control the rate and intensity of the thrusts. The recipient maintains the sideways posture. Another feature the Aphrodite sexual position is that it allows for a lot of kissing, fondling and caressing. It is rightly described as the total package.


This is another style that is highly favored by the Virgos. A very intimate style that gives the most intense feelings, the torch position starts by the penetrating partner kneeling. Then the recipient faces him, with her legs looped over his shoulders as she grabs him from behind and her head is flipped backward. The penetrating partner then loops his arms around her back and this way he is able to control the depth and frequency of the thrusts of every penetration. However, the position is best enjoyed by those who can maintain their stamina for sustained periods.

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