When it comes to sex, one of the most vibrant signs of the Zodiac is that of Taurus. The second sign and one totally embedded with the earth, Taurus is known for spinning some of the greatest magical performances in the bedroom. A raging Bull with unlimited energy, the Taurus does mot joke with sex at all. A bulk of the sheer raw energy that the Taurus displays while making love is not unconnected with Venus, the absolute goddess of love, beauty and everything connected to the erotic side of humans. Not all sex positions appeal to the Taurus while there are some others that he is total into and will prefer to go for such over and over again.

The Taurus has a side that is wildly romantic and sensual so sex for this sign is meant to be enjoyed. For this sign, sex is all about pleasure and bonding solidly while building a relationship with their partners. Sex is just more than a physical routine for the Taurus, it is an integral portion of a relationship and must never be ignored. The following sex positions are the best for a Taurus.

The Rocking Horse

This is one of the most interesting sex positions and it is often described as a much pleasurable type of the well-known cowboy and cowgirl style. In this style, the first lover starts with the lower limbs extending out. Then the partner maneuvers herself into position on his and this she does by wrapping her lower limbs across his chest. The two lovers can use their hands placed on their backs to give more stability. Once that is done, the second lover can determine the rhythm and the depth of the thrusts which is done in coordination with the first partner. A Taurus is always in love with this style because it allows the partners to see themselves directly and also derive a lot of pleasure from maximum tactile sensation from all parts of the body.


One of the most intimate positions, the spooning method is one in which the two lovers start by lying in the cuddling state. Then the first lover penetrates from the back. When the Taurus lover wants to enjoy something really rhythmic but does not demand using a lot of energy, spooning is often the style and position of choice for this Bull.

Zen Pause

Taureans love doing things gradually and love taking things one step after the other. They do not love being pushed to do things in a haste, that is something they totally detest. This same psyche is taken into the bedroom and that is where the Zen Pause sex position comes in. In this style, the Taurus is able to determine the rhythm while also deriving maximum pleasure. So this is how it is done: both lovers lie on their sides while facing each other with their legs locked and the chests also in very close proximity. In this position, the penetrating partner then moves into action and he remains fixed inside the partner all through. They can intimately caress and exchange hot and spicy French kisses at this point. It is the ultimate slow-burning style of lovemaking preferred by the Taureans.

The Tight End

Very similar to the legendary doggy style position, the tight end is best described as a modified version of the doggy. Here, the partner who receives the penetration presses his lower limbs firmly together in between the knees of the other partner. What makes this position very lovely and desirable is that it provides a lot of intimacy and closeness for both sides as they explode in ecstasy. But that is not all, the tight end position also allows them to have maximal tactile sensation.

Glowing Juniper

The sexual history of the Taurus is not complete without mentioning the Glowing Juniper position of lovemaking. This can be described as form of cowgirl position but one that is a lot easier for the partner who will do the penetration. The second partner lies on her back with her legs wide open while the first partner (who will do all the penetration) faces her with her legs extended out. To get more stability, she can use a pillow or rest upon a solid surface. Then she raises the hips of her partner so that the penetration can be done. This position is a very pleasurable one as it provides some of the deepest penetration possible. It also has the advantage of allowing both partners to exchange very deep kisses and all sorts of tactile (touch) stimulation in various parts of the body.

Classic Missionary

This may come as a pleasant surprise to many but the time-tested classic missionary sex position is actually one of the most preferred positions for the Taureans. Some say it is because the typical Taurus does not like exerting too much energy while others believe it is simply because of the very pleasurable experience that the style can accord to the lovers. Another thing with the classic missionary sex position is that it provides room for a lot of intimacy and connection between the partners. In this style, they are able to stare directly into each other’s eyes, lock limbs, place chest to chest and take the enjoyment to an entirely new level.

Cowgirl or Cowboy

Once in a while, the Taurus likes to do some little exploration in the bedroom and at that point, the chosen style is the cowgirl position. Here, the receiving partner is on top facing away from the penetrating lover. Because Taureans are bulls who love to be ridden, this explains why this is one of the most beloved positions of lovemaking for them. They simply love that bestial act of being ridden and penetrated by their lover. There is no way the sexual life a typical Taurus will be discussed without mentioning the cowgirl or cowboy sex position – it is too important to be ignored.

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