When it comes to having the freakiest of sex, Scorpio is the leader and this is a fact that has been known to all those who are familiar with the signs of the Zodiac and their unique characteristics. Even though Scorpios can look shy and intimidated when it comes to bedroom matters, the reality is very much different. They are very much into exploring and getting the most intense feelings out of every session of lovemaking. Because they are under the influence of water as an element, they are often very sensitive about everything and that side of their nature becomes more prominent when the issue is sex.

Another thing with the Scorpio is that owing to the inherent influence of water in their lives, they love to associate their sexual lifestyle with water. From making love in the bathtub to exploding in orgasms inside the swimming pool, Scorpios love water so one has to have that in mind when relating with them on a sexual level. From waterfalls to inside rivers or even lakes, Scorpios will get turned on whenever in a watery environment and that is a very important point to note. They are very passionate about sex and take time to learn and discover as much as possible about everything related to lovemaking, and they are more than ready to learn, even more, then they put what they have learned to practice.

If there is anything that matters a lot to the Scorpio in sex, it is going deep. The deeper, the better it is for the Scorpio and this is applicable irrespective of the style utilized. That explains why they prefer positions that will ensure the deepest levels of both intensity and penetration, for them Scorpios, nothing beats having the deepest form of orgasmic pleasure. That they are ruled by Pluto is also one of the factors that govern the passionate approach that Scorpios have when it comes to everything sex. In the sections below, we are going to discuss the best sex positions for the Scorpios.


This is one of the most intense positions ever. In this style, the penetrating partner is in a kneeling position and sits on his legs. Then the recipient sits on his thigh, with both facing each other, she then positions her feet behind the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner then loops his upper limbs around her as she raises her legs and edges backward to be in his arms. Here, she adjusts her legs up so that penetration can be facilitated or if need be, for swinging motions to be made possible. In this position, there is the possibility of having copious amounts of touching, fondling and all these make the cocoon position one that leaves the Scorpio screaming in sheer pleasure at every stage.


Here is another position where the raw nature of the Scorpio is laid bare. It is considered the ideal position for Scorpios who love to be in control by ramming into the female from behind in a very energetic and flexible manner. In this position, the penetrating partner is in a standing position while he grabs the legs of the partner and hangs them in the air. For the lady below, she stabilizes herself by resting on her arms. Then, the penetrating partner can commence giving those powerful penetrating moves from the rear. It is called a wheelbarrow position because the outline is similar to someone grabbing on the handles of wheelbarrow and pushing it along. It is one of the most intimate positions ever even though both sides cannot have face to face interactions, the focus is on the penetrations and that is precisely what makes it such a pleasurable position to be in.

Hot Lunch

This is a very peculiar position and even the most experienced hands in the bedroom may need to do some bit of practice before becoming experts at it. Once again, it points to the very seductive and intensely sexual nature of the Scorpio. In this position, the giver is in a bending posture at the back of the head of the receiver. While the recipient lies on her back, the giver is able to hold her legs and loop them over her head so that both are positioned on his knees. That way, the giver is able to offer the most mind-bending types of oral stimulation as he practically ‘eats up’ the private parts of the partner.


The Scorpio lover is never tired of exploring and trying every sophisticated sex position that exists under the Sun. The bow position is one that allows for both lovers to exchange deep and penetrating gazes while sliding into each other and pumping ferociously. It is a position that is practically irresistible for the Scorpio. In this position, both lovers hook their lower limbs in a way that the leg of the recipient is placed on the shoulder of the giver and the legs of the giver are placed on the right or left of the body of the recipient. Then while in that position, both lovers can edge backward on their arms, then the penetration can commence in full force.

Bend-Over Bliss

Another fantastic position cherished by Scorpios, in this style, the recipient bends over just as the name implies using a chair or even a sofa. Then the penetrating partner who is in a standing position behind commences penetration straight from the rear. This position is ideal for either penetration through the vagina or the anus. Because it allows the Scorpio to be in full control, this is one position that they do not take lightly. One thing that you need to have in mind while enjoying all these styles is that they are best enjoyed while being underwater. For example, it is best to enjoy the positions under running water like when inside the shower or under the waterfalls of Iceland – nothing is going to make a Scorpio crazier than getting this done.

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