If there is anything that the Sagittarius is known for, it is always being amiable, curious, expressive, incorrigibly honest and very open-minded. For someone ruled by the ninth house of the Zodiac, the Archer is one very unique personality. Sagittarians are very much interested in making new discoveries about not just themselves but about everything around them, they have this sense of wonder with which they admire and appreciate everything in the world. This same mindset follows them right into the bedroom where they do everything possible to explore every possible side of sexuality.

The main feature with Sagittarians is that they are always under the overpowering influence of Jupiter and this shows through in the way they express themselves sexually. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and it is also the planet associated with limitless bounty and massive things, that explains why for the Sagittarians, sex is about getting the fullest of pleasurable experience. They will never settle for anything less than that.

Because they are very expressive, Sagittarians have no problems whatsoever when it comes to speaking their minds about sex. What some other people will consider too explicit is nothing but normal talk for the Sagittarius. They are very open-minded when it comes to sex and if you are thinking of fulfilling one of those life-long sexual fantasies you have harbored in your mind for a long time, you stand the best chances with a Sagittarius – the Archer always shoots straight.

They are not shocked by anything relating to sex and even if you want to make love under the cameras, they are more than ready for it. They actually enjoy the attention and love to make everything interesting and exciting not just for themselves alone but also for their partners too. Sagittarians are not just keen on enjoying sex, they are also very much dedicated to bringing their fantasies to life.

Being under the total control of Jupiter, they love to do outsized things in every activity they are involved in. Thus, the more majestic and grandiose the sexual experience and positions, the better and more pleasurable for them – that is a point worthy of noting down. Sagittarians are also known for bringing all the knowledge they have accumulated over time to good use. In the sections below, the focus will be redirected to the best sex positions for Sagittarius.


For someone who is never lacking when it comes to exciting positions of sexual intercourse, the benchwarmer position is another style that is in the book. In the benchwarmer position, the penetrating partner arranges herself on the edge of a rigid surface like a sofa or bed and the recipient sits on her thigh, in a sideways format. Here, it is possible for her to either commence riding or there can be penetrations via the traditional cowgirl position – the only difference here is that it is done sideways. Because this is a position that can be enjoyed practically anywhere, it is on the favorite list of the Sagittarians.

X Marks the Spot

A very exciting style, in this position, the penetrating partner assumes a standing position and the recipient stays in a lying position on a flat but rigid surface like a kitchen table or even the dining table – get adventurous. She then hangs her legs in the air, crossing the lower limbs at either the ankle or knee joint. It is at this point that there can be penetration from above. This is done while grabbing the crossed limbs of the partner that is already up in the air. It is this very elaborate nature of this style that makes it very attractive for the Sagittarians.

Seated Scissors

Here is another position beloved by the Archers, in this style, the penetrating partner lies flat and is stabilized by the forearms. As for the recipient, she assumes a sitting position on top just as it obtains in the traditional reverse cowgirl state. The only difference is that in the seated scissors position, she faces the leg of her partner with one leg hooked in between his own and the other leg placed outside his thigh.

In this way, it is possible for the recipient to stabilize herself on the knee of the partner then she commences riding him in a zig-zag manner. This position is one that the Archers love to enjoy anal or vaginal intercourse. The main reason for that is because it gives room for the Sagittarians to express their sexual fantasies to the fullest. Fondling of breasts while exchanging passionate gazes with the lover is very possible and nothing beats expressing that spicy feeling of lust how this style.

Relaxed Arch

An absolutely dynamic and intense position of lovemaking, this is one position that the penetrating partner assumes an upright sitting position on a rigid and flat surface like the floor, table or a solid bed. While in the sitting posture, he extends his legs out away from his body. The recipient partner then assumes a sitting position on her knees on his lap, then she gradually curves her back so that she can end up placing her head between the legs of the partner while also hold his legs. Then the penetrating partner can grip her back. The most majestic thing about this position is that the penetration from this side is very good for excellent G-spot orgasmic pleasure.


In this condition, the recipient is on a pillow or any soft material and he has her hands to the back and the legs totally flexed at the knees, putting her feet in his hands while putting her head up. In that pose, the penetrating partner then comes in placing his knees in between the legs of the lover, arches forwards, grabbing his lover’s buttocks then he commences the deepest penetrations ever. It is one of the positions really favored by the Sagittarians, it is incredibly erotic not to mention the very deep level of penetration that it allows.

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