Now we are going to discuss sex positions for one of the most important signs of the Zodiac. Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac and it is for those who were born in the period starting on the 19th of February and ending on the 20th of March. A water sign, Pisceans are known for being very romantic, intensely intuitive and very considerate.

Also referred to as the Fish, it is one sign that clearly reflects every aspect of its character in the bedroom. For the Pisces, the mind is more important than the body and this explains why they prefer to see sex as an activity that has a lot of psychological and emotional value. To be in the bedroom is to also worship and connect with the spiritual parts as far as the Pisces is concerned.

Influenced powerfully the eerie Neptune, the Piscean sees everything as a dream and has a lot of fantasies when it comes to making love. Because of this nature that Pisceans have, it should come as no surprise at all when it is observed that even sex is viewed as a dreamy activity where fantasies are to be fulfilled.

The Piscean is open-minded when it comes to controlling the trend, whether they are the one in charge or they are being controlled, it does not really matter to the Fish as long as both sides are deriving the much-needed pleasure. That the Piscean considers making love to be the ultimate spiritual experience explains why they have a preference for certain types of sex positions. In the sections below, the focus is going to be mainly on the best sex positions for Pisces.


This is probably the best of the best of all sex positions as far as the Pisces is concerned. This is a position that looks like two fish are arranged head to tail. Since the Pisces is a real Fish icon, it is not a surprise that this position is favored by the sign. It is like two fish linked together and swimming in alternate paths, with the fish here representing the two mating lovers.


In this style, the recipient lies on his back while the other partner maintains a kneeling position opposite him. The penetrating partner then draws the recipient closer via the hips and thighs onto his own thighs. This way, he is able to grab onto the partner’s legs then he is able to initiate the penetration from that same angle. Penetration in the wedge sex position is unusually very deep, sending both sides into very intense spirals of head-spinning orgasms.


In getting this position done, the giver is in a kneeling position right on the bed or another hard surface like the floor and shifts the back upwards. Then the recipient, who is also in a kneeling position loops their upper and lower limbs with that of the giver. It is an intensely intimate position and for the Pisceans, it is one of the ultimate positions to make love and really enjoy it. It is the ideal position of fantasy for the Fish with its very dynamic nature of doing things.


This is overwhelmingly popular with the Pisces for reasons that will be made apparent shortly. In the screw sex position, the penetrating partner lies on her back while she turns her thighs and genital region to the lateral side. This she also does by placing her arms to the side and right on the floor or any other hard surface. While she maintains this pose, the penetrating side then arranges himself into place to be between her thighs, which she can elegantly loop around his body. He can intensify the penetration and the overall feel of the intercourse by grabbing her at the knee by one hand and placing the other hand on her waist.

This way, he is able to have the maximum level of penetration and this is very crucial for both partners to be able to achieve the level of intense orgasmic pleasure that they really desire. This position can be modified to resemble the classic missionary position and that ability to be able to switch the position is one of the reasons it is very beloved to the Fish.

Fun Plane

This is a style that is common with the Fish and not with many of the other signs of the Zodiac. In this position, the recipient lies on her belly but a soft fabric or a pillow is placed under her waist so that it can raise the angle of the buttocks. In this style, the penetrating partner is able to slide in from behind and achieve an incredible depth. The extent of the depth is improved with the use of an item like the pillow. One thing with Pisces is that they are absolutely into being in the position of surrender and that they are not able to see the face of the other lover makes the whole experience even more intense than expected. If you are in a relationship with a Pisces and you are wondering which position you can use to spice up the weekend, this is definitely the one for you.


Here is another sex position that the Pisceans consider to be fantastic. Why they think such of this position is what you are going to understand pretty soon. In this position, the penetrating partner sits with his legs flexed at the knees while the feet are placed together thus adopting a wide position. The recipient then lies over him with her behind shaped in a cowboy or cowgirl style. In this way, the penetrating partner can then raise the legs of the recipient while looping his upper limbs around them. This is a very affectionate and cozy position to be in and considering the fact that the nature of the Piscean is dreamy and water-dominated, this is a condition that they are very comfortable with.

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