Now is the time to discuss sex styles as it relates to the Libra. For those who have forgotten, Libras are of the 7th sign of the zodiac and they are born in the period lasting from 23rd September to the 22nd of October. Known for being tranquil, friendly and always in search of justice, Libras are some of the most interesting people in the bedroom. This should not come as a surprise actually because Libras are under the influence of Venus, the goddess of beauty, love, and sexuality.

Libras are also known for being totally interested in those fantastic experiences that will linger in the memory for as long as possible. For Libras, every session of making love is one to be cherished. The more dramatic and fun the sexual position, the more appeal it is going to have for the Libra. Below are the best sex positions for the Libra.

Lying Doggy

This is a doggy style position but with a twist. Imagine your usual doggy style position but with an extra feature of spooning added to it. The recipient is positioned on her side with her bending the back of her torso anteriorly in the direction of the penetrative partner and that is where he enters her from – via the rear. This position can even be made to be more intense by conducting it when facing a reflecting surface. Here, it becomes possible for the lovers to observe themselves and exchange those deep and passionate glances.


Well, many people know of the 69 position but Libras are more interested in the 68 position. For those who are not aware of this style, think of it as a modified 69 position. In the 69 style, the two lovers give each other oral stimulation of the genitals at the same time. However, in the 68 position, it is done too but the difference here is that it is in sessions so the lovers do it in alternating sessions and this is how it works. The recipient gets to lie on her back and giving partner lies over her but in the opposite direction. This allows her to move her pelvis region and give the spiciest oral stimulations. This is one position that Libras adore a lot and the fact that it allows for switching from one lover to the other is one of the reasons it is so beloved by this zodiac sign.

Yab Yum

This sexual position is a special one in the sense that it also has a spiritual dimension. This position is believed to bring together the earthly and celestial planes of the souls of both lovers. In this famous style, the penetrating partner sits with his legs cross then the recipient sits on the upper ends of his laps, with her legs looped over his body while she also locks her ankles at his back. Locked in this position, both can engage in the rocking motions as the penetrations go on. They can also look directly into other’s eyes, breath in a way that the rate is the same and engage in a form of spiritual union.


This is actually one of the most amazing styles and it is one that has been in place since ancient times. In this position, the recipient lies on her side and positions herself in such a way that her torso is supported with the elbow. Then the penetrating partner sits in between her legs, he does this by raising one of her legs and looping it around a side of his own body. Then at this point, he heaves up himself with his upper limbs, softly fondles her boobs and can even play with her clit as he penetrates her with no mercy at all. This position is highly treasured by the Libras as it offers some of the deepest levels of romance that anyone can get from coitus.

Soft Rock

This is best described as a modified version or type of the traditional missionary position. It has a lot more advantages though as it enables copious face to face interaction, not to talk of the ability to caress the whole body – something that means a lot to the Libras. This is how the soft rock position is done. The recipient lies under and the penetrating partner is positioned above. However, in place of using his elbows to provide support, he actually shifts a little forward, with his upper limbs around the side of the penetrating partner then settles in place towards the side of the partner.

Here, the recipient angles his hips a little making contact with the penetrating partner as he pumps. As against the regular form of penetration, the soft rock position enables both sides to engage in the rocking movement against each other and this level of closeness makes the pleasure very intense and totally exciting.

Modified Missionary

Libras are very adventurous when it comes to sex and this clearly reflects itself in the choice of preferred sexual positions. An example is the modified missionary style. Instead of going for the usual traditional missionary style, the recipient, in this case, can be placed in cuffs or in any other position of submission. In fact, there are some other Libras that go as far as choking their partners just to heighten the sensation of pleasure.

Lover on Top

If you want a Libra woman to enjoy real mindblowing sex, then let her seat on you and be in control of the thrusts. She is going to grab your arms and then proceed to ride you like a real horse and play with your nipples as she rocks your genitals with her own. It is a very erotic position to be in, it also allows for long-lasting lovemaking sessions. These are the types of positions that the Libra loves to explore with the partner while under the sheets – they are typically erotic, a little crazy but absolutely explosive every single time.

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