Sex with the Leo is never anything ordinary, it is always a most memorable act of passion. That is because the Leo is nothing but an absolute beast when it comes to making love. With the Leo, there is no limit to what can be done or what can be explored. It is in the character of the Leo to be in support of role-playing or doing what many others will consider totally shocking or even repulsive in the bedroom. But all that is none of the business of the Leo, the most eye-popping the act, the more a Leo will want to try it out in the bedroom.

Leos reading this will know that this is the fact of the reality of their lives so they will clearly not be shocked or surprised in any way to read this. When it comes to exploring every aspect of sexual fantasy, the Leo is right at the front of the pack. For a fire sign that is ruled by the Sun, this is actually very understandable. If there is any partner that will dabble into nonstop sessions of lovemaking with several rounds of hot, finger-biting and lip-sucking sex, it will be none other than the ravaging Leo.

As a result of the fact that they are under the heavy influence of the Sun, Leos are the real icons of passion, vibrant acts and anything that has to do with the use of energy. This explains why their sexual nature can be somewhat tempestuous. Below are the best sex positions for the Leo.


This famous style is actually a modified form of the legendary cowgirl and cowboy style. For the Leo who acts as the recipient, in this case, it is the perfect style because it allows for total control of the partner. In this position, the penetrating partner lies on his back with his knees moved up to his chest. On the other end is the recipient squatting while bringing her body on him then he loops his legs around her body. In this position, Leo truly feels like the ruler of the Universe.

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This is another captivating position that is very good for the Leo lovers. In this position, the recipient and the penetrating partner face each other and then hook their legs together. This style allows for extreme intimacy with the chest hitting the chest. As the legs are interlocked, the penetration is incredibly deep and reflects a level of affection that cannot even be expressed in words. It is a very raw position and for those who love ‘shameless’ sex styles, this is a very prominent one, which explains why Leo is very interested in this position.

In addition to the extreme depth of the penetration, there are also other extra benefits. For example, the lovers can exchange kisses, fondle each other, rub on the neck, ears, and cheeks. All this makes for a total sexual experience and it is the ideal sex positions whenever there is the need to celebrate events or mark special anniversaries together.

The Elephant

Remember that there is nothing that will stop the Leo from experimenting to the fullest and the elephant position is one of such styles that brings out the best of the Leo in the bedroom. In this very easy and stress-free style, the penetrating partner is in a kneeling position with the back arched gently to the back. Then the recipient approaches the knees of the penetrating partner, facing her lover, she loops her legs around the body of the penetrating partner.

In this position, she is able to loop her arms around his neck and edge posteriorly a little. This is done all the while with the penetrating partner grabbing her around the hips. Now that they are facing each other, the intensity is so thick it can be cut with a knife. The position allows for the exchange of the most erotic words, looks, kissing and of course, endless fondling of the breasts. The position also incorporates the most passionate moves of penetration – just exactly how the Leo loves to spend time in the bedroom.


Without any iota of doubt, this is one of the most captivating positions for the Leo and the reasons for that will become apparent pretty soon. In the captain position, the recipient lies on his back with the legs spread out very wide in a way that the limbs fan out. Then the penetrating partner goes into a kneeling position in between the legs of the recipient with his ankles placed in his hands. It is then from this position that the penetrating partner can go ahead to deliver the massive and pleasure-giving thrusts and as the pounding is going on, the receiving partner can make herself busy by caressing his body.

It is a very dramatic position to be in and it is one of those eye-popping styles that the Leo can never overlook. Another interesting with this style is that either the Leo is the recipient or penetrating partner in this position, it is one that allows the Leo to use energy to the fullest and bring alive that fiery spirit that can only be seen with a Leo!


This aptly named style is actually a preferred style seen with the lions – the sign of the Leo. It is actually a form of the doggy style and it is a modified version. In this posture, the penetrating partner is placed in a cardio position and the recipient lays in position just like a real lioness that she is. The recipient is on her abdominal region with her hands bent forward at the elbow joints. For the penetration to be maximal, she also bends one lower limb and this raises her body a little. From this angle, the penetrating partner is able to target the penetration from the rear and this he does while he curves over her buttocks while he pumps relentlessly.

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