The third sign in the Zodiac, the Gemini does not play with sexual activities. Being an air sign that is known for being very good with communication, a Gemini appreciates passionate lovemaking and all that it entails. Known for being social and very interested in learning as much as possible, the Gemini is also equally fun to be with in the bedroom.

Geminis love sex and that is linked to the fact that they are under the influence of Mercury. For them, making love is a gradual and slow process that is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest at every turn. In the sections below, the focus is going to be on the best sex positions that will always leave the Gemini asking for more.

The Curious Cat

In this position, the penetrative partner enters by standing from behind. Many Geminis find this position interesting and it is primarily because, in this position, the Gemini can talk or whisper those sweet nothings into the ears of his partner even as he keeps ramming inside her. It is also very easy to quickly change or transform into other positions while using the Curious Cat pose. In other words, there is never a dull moment with Gemini who is gliding away with the Curious Cat sexual position.

Split Missionary

In this reliable style, the receiving partner lies on the back while the penetrating lover approaches from above. It is a lot like the classic missionary style but it has its difference. The difference here is that the receiving partner extends his legs out in the air apart as much as possible. This allows for some insanely deep penetrations with both partners able to savor every single aspect of the lovemaking. From kiss each other to moaning as loud as possible, the split missionary position allows the Geminis to have a taste of heaven on earth.


One of the most exciting positions to make love, the plain style is very much preferred by the Geminis. In this type, the receiving partner is positioned flat with the back on the ground getting ready for the rear entry position. The receiving partner lies on the belly with the arms stretched out and the breasts lifted and the knees are in a bent position. The penetrating partner then slides over on top of the receiving partner with the legs on the sides of the bent knees of the receiver and then he slides in with powerful thrusts. While placed in this state, because the receiving partner has raised her torso a little, the lovers can exchange kisses and some dirty words – while enjoying passionate sex in the most exciting way possible.

Lotus Flower

Another fantastic position favored by the Geminis, the Lotus Flower sex position is one in which the penetrating partner sits with the legs crossed, or in some cases, with the legs extended in front of him. As for the receiving partner, all she does is to sit right on his lap and they will face each other. Then she wraps her lower limbs around the waist of her partner. Another modified style will have the legs on his shoulders to make the penetration even much deeper for some of the craziest sensations ever.

This method is so greatly beloved by Gemini as it allows for proper communication of some of the most sensual sounds in the bedroom. And because communication is everything and nothing is greater than being able to communicate in the heat of the passion shared by lovers. Another reason this position has such high esteem for the Gemini is that it allows rapid switching into other sexual positions like doggy. So, what this means is that with the Lotus Flower, there can never be a dull moment at all. The timeless doggy is also one of the best positions that the Gemini prefers when it comes to real smashing in the bedroom.


In the Casket sex position, the recipient sits with her arms placed behind her body with her body weight resting directly on her palms that she places on the ground behind her. Then the penetrating partner approaches on one knee in between her open thighs, then she lifts her legs upon his shoulders with her buttocks getting lifted from the floor as she does this. Then the penetrating partner goes on one crouched knee and the other knee placed at an angle of 90 degrees.

This way, he can then place the recipient in the air while continuously thrusting. This is a very sophisticated position and it allows both sides to look at each other’s faces thus adding to the intensity of the pleasure derived. For the Gemini who always loves to try out new and interesting things, the Casket is always one style to satisfy the deep sense of curiosity.

Necklace of Venus

An elegant position to make love, the Necklace of Venus is another preferred method of exploring carnal desires for the ever-charismatic Gemini. In this position, the recipient sits on the edge of a table or a countertop. Then you have the penetrating partner standing and facing her directly – it is in this same position that he gives her those deep penetrations that will leave both of them moaning with intense pleasure and joy. The recipient can also wind her legs around the penetrating partner and in this way; she can even get to determine the intensity of the thrust simply by just adjusting her body position.

What makes this style very enchanting is the fact that it allows both lovers to stare directly at each other. And for Gemini who loves communicating – even during sex – this is the ideal position to make love all day. Just imagine for a moment all the dirty and sexy words emanating from the mouths of your ecstatic partner while he is still deep in you – the Necklace of Venus is truly one unforgettable position.

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