There are very good reasons as to why the Capricorn is referred to as the father or master of the Zodiac. One of the main reasons is that for the Capricorn, it is all about being in charge and being in control. The tenth sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns are always very focused and they have their eyes set on the goal. This is why they bring in the same mannerisms to the bedroom.

Respected for their formidable levels of strength and stamina, Capricorns never run from challenges, they stay and maintain their grounds until the goal is achieved. They value respect a lot and always want to be in charge and in control. Unlike other signs of the Zodiac, the Capricorn is not the most emotional but they are actually very expressive, they only happen to have their own ways of expressing emotions and showing love to those that they really value.

Symbolized by the Goat, Capricorns are those who are born in the period from 22nd December to the 19th of January and occupy the tenth house of the Zodiac. For this reason, Capricorns are widely appreciated for their loyalty, practicality, and resilience. They are somewhat obsessed with power and control and they get frustrated if they feel that things are slipping out of their control. They love competition because it gives them the chance to express themselves and achieve their goals. Under the massive influence of Saturn, Capricorns hold on to the idea if anything is important to them, then they have to devote all the resources they have to such area.

It is the same mindset that the Goat brings to the bedroom. For a Capricorn, sex is a very important part of relationships and it is a perfect way to bond. They do not see sex as just a physical activity but one that is also in the realm of the spiritual. Because they are very devoted, they are committed to ensuring that their partners get the best of orgasmic experiences.

A Capricorn will do everything possible to ensure that the other lover also enjoys the session of passion and will not be ashamed of all the efforts put in place. All these are linked to the overwhelming influence of the planet Saturn. That is the same reason why the Capricorn is always working towards staying at the very top in virtually all the cases of sexual sessions. In the sections below, the focus is going to be on the best sex positions for Capricorn.


The rodeo sexual position is quite related to the regular missionary style but it can be said to be modified. In the rodeo style, the recipient lies on her back then she opens up her lower limbs on both sides and this is done as the penetrating partner relaxes in between her thighs. Then the recipient flexes and loops around the waist of the giver as the penetration is done. The level of intimacy that this style offers is of the reasons why it ranks very highly with the Capricorns.


This may actually come as a surprise to many but the old and trusted missionary style is actually one of the very best for the Capricorn. It is because, for the Capricorn, everything has to be done properly and with the missionary position, the Goat can be in full control and glide as much as he wants. He gets to control the depth of the thrust, the speed of the penetration and can even angulate the thighs of the partner by grabbing from different places. There is no way Capricorn will make use of the missionary style and not get all the pleasure in the world. For the Capricorn woman in a missionary position, all she does is to actually surrender and allow her partner to take over and give her the greatest levels of pleasure.

Although very popular, the missionary style remains one of the most efficient for the Capricorn because it is easy, straightforward and does not have excessive demands as far as physical performance and stamina are concerned. You and your partner can simply lie down and the action will start. Being able to determine the speed and depth of the penetration is one of the reasons why the Capricorn has remained stubbornly attached to this sex position.

Hot Seat

Aptly named, the hot seat sex position is a very wonderful style. In it, the penetrating partner sits on the side of a table or bed with the head and shoulders placed on the arms and supported by pillows or any other soft fabric.

Once she is locked in that position, the recipient is placed in between the legs of the partner and shifts upon the lap. This is why it is called the hot seat because it does give a lot of room for the penetration sideways so all the energy is concentrated on the thrust. Because it puts the Capricorn in a position of power and control, it remains a major favorite. It is one of the positions that guarantee some of the highest levels of intimate and orgasmic pleasure for the Capricorn.


It is just like the regular 6-9 sexual position and for obvious reason, it is one that gets the attention of the Capricorn over and over again. It is a mind-blowing session that allows both parts to give each other the best of oral sex. When it comes to experiencing earth-shaking orgasms, this is the style chosen by the Goat.

It is a position that allows both sides to enjoy the results of the efforts that are put in the session of making love. In this position, the first lover lies on his back, with the knee joint flex and then the other partner is on top but facing in the opposite direction. In this way, the two lovers can completely give pleasure to each other until both sides are satisfied. It is truly a legendary position for all Capricorns both male and female.

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