Let us take a dive into one of the most interesting parts of the sexual side of Cancer. A water-based sign and the fourth on the Zodiac, the Cancer has a reputation for being very intense with emotions and has a high degree of sensuality. When it comes to the Crab, making sure that the partner enjoys every aspect of the relationship is a priority. This same warm nature is taken right into the bedroom. As a matter of fact, Cancer can go as far as sacrificing just to ensure that the other lover has maximum enjoyment, this is the ultimate sign of sexual loyalty. For those who want the most selfless lovers in the bedroom, the best bet is the Cancer.

As a result of the fact that they are under the effect of the Moon, Cancers are very big on foreplay, gradual and passionate lovemaking, romance and lots of kissing. For the Crab, sex is an exciting session and one that must be savored to the fullest. For real adventure in the bedroom, the following sections are going to focus on the best sex positions that are considered to be ideal for this lively sign of the Zodiac.

Joint Masturbation

With Cancer, tactile stimulation is a very prominent part of what constitutes lovemaking. A lot of effort goes into touching and to maximize the pleasure, the Cancer often enjoys touching the partner too. This is why joint masturbation is a major sex position for the Crab. To get the best of this position, it is better done while bathing together or taking a shower. This is because water is one environment that is very dear to the Crab.

Watering Can

This style is actually a modification of the ever-reliable position of the cowgirl or cowboy. With the watering can, the recipient partner is positioned in such a way that she sits right on top of the penetrative partner with both facing each other. The variation here is that the recipient partner loops her hands around the neck of the partner while pressing her body against his own. In the same position, the penetrative partner can then put his hands on the lover’s buttocks. One major merit of this position is that it allows both sides to engage in a lot of romantic eye contact alongside lots of French kissing, something that Crabs are very passionate about.


Even though this position is best done by those who have the physical stamina for it, it is one of the most exciting styles and trusts the Crab to crawl into it. In this style, which is a standing sex position, both partners stand up facing each other. Then the recipient loops her leg on the lap of the penetrative partner while also looping one arm around her neck and then with the other arm, the penetrative partner pushes her breasts towards his chest. While grabbing on the partner’s leg around her lap, the giver can then shift forward and kiss passionately, suck her breasts (breasts are major points in the body of a Crab as far as sex is concerned) and the penetration continues nonstop.


Even though it is a fact that Crabs love sexual positions that ensure that they can maintain direct visual contact with their partner, they also love the oath position. In this style, the penetrative partner approaches from the rear position with an addictive entry that allows the partner to grab the breasts, caress the chest or kiss the neck for as long as he wants. In the oath position, the two lovers are on their knees while the recipient has the back to the giver and both are fixed in what looks like a spoon position. From that angle, the legs of the giver are going to be placed in between those of the recipient. Thereafter, the penetrative loops an arm around the neck of the partner while the penetrative partner keeps up the penetration from the rear. This position is known for giving some of the most earth-shattering and explosive orgasms ever and it is therefore no surprise that it is one of the positions that are favored by the Crabs. Oh, by the way, the spooning position is actually also massively preferred as a position to make passionate love and get things really hot and spicy under the sheets in the bedroom.

Sit and Slide

Also called the Mother of the Zodiac, Cancer is very serious when it comes to making love. Because they love to do a lot of things in water, this is one sexual position that the Crabs love to totally enjoy while being in water. Here, both lovers are required to sit and slide in the shower, the water should preferably be warm. In the position, the penetrating lover sits in the bath tub with the legs extended out. Then the recipient enters the water with their back but while facing the penetrating lover. In this style, the warm water runs on both lovers who are now in a position where both can gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. In this state, both can cuddle while the penetration goes on gradually until the momentum is built on to the point of ecstasy.

Missionary on Top

No stranger to experiments, the Cancer woman will also surely go for the modified missionary position in which she is going to be totally in charge. The Crab loves conservative styles and none holds more attraction for the female Crab than this empowering position. With this style, she is able to totally determine the rhythm and pattern of things. She is able to place her partner in a particular position, determine the angle, speed, force and even the frequency of the penetrative thrusts. In this lovely position, the penetrating partner is below while the recipient is above. It allows the Cancer to get that crazy high that she derives only when she is in full control of what goes on in the bedroom.

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