When it comes to sex and everything related to making love, it is always hot and very energetic with the Aries. The fiery sign is the very first in the Zodiac (their dates range from 21st March to 19th of April) and they are known for having incredibly explosive bursts of energy. This is one feature that they also reflect in the bedroom.

Aries is governed by Mars and that explains why the sign is very prominent in things connected to sex, physical performance, sports, and bravery. When it comes to sex, all these characteristics become even more prominent. The Aries lover turns into another creature entirely when it comes to those passionate moments between lovers. It is always high-energy, fuel-driven bursts of muscular energy for Aries lovers, they never give less and do not expect to get less. Sex is a very integral part of the relationship for Aries and it is not unusual to discover that Aries has some of the highest levels of libido of all the signs of the Zodiac.

Aries love to explore and will not go for what is ordinary. When it comes to making love and getting rough under the sheets, Aries is probably the most prominent sign on the Zodiac sign. Aries is fiery about practically everything and that definitely includes sex. For Aries, sex is not just a routine, it is an act that is to be enjoyed to the fullest, Aries is never selfish in the bedroom, he or she also wants the partner to enjoy the intense pleasure that comes with mind-blowing lovemaking. The Aries lover becomes a real energized human in the bedroom and it is definitely a lot of fun to experience. Here are the best sex positions for the volatile Aries:


This is often referred to as a modified missionary however the difference is in the fact that the partner below places the calves on the shoulders of the partners. This is a very cool position as it allows you to look directly into the eyes of your lover. You can exchange passionate kisses with ease using this method. Very exciting a position, it is also the ideal for quickies, so much beloved by the swift-moving Aries.

Reverse Cowboy or Cowgirl

One of the most legendary positions in the bedroom, the reverse cowboy or cowgirl is self-explanatory. In the position, there is a reversal of the lady or guy on top. Here, the rider turns his or her back on the partner who is lying on his or her back. This method is not for the feeble-minded as you have to be flexible and energetic enough to pull it off. That is exactly what the Aries likes to try out and show off some bursts of energy.

Another aspect of this position that makes it really attractive for the Aries is because it can be competitive in nature. Both partners can keep changing positions and competing on who has more stamina. It is a very fun position that both sides can utilize to assess the stamina on both sides. It is also a position that allows for some of the deepest levels of penetration and for the Aries who is always on an eternal search for maximum pleasure, it should come as no surprise at all that this is a position that features on this list.

The Bridge

Another amazing position that the Aries cannot do without is the Bridge position. Here, the penetrating partner is sitting with his knees in a bent position then the hands are placed behind on the ground. As for the riding partner, he or she is seated in a typical cowgirl position with the legs flung over the shoulders of the partner and the arms around the partner’s neck. While in that position, the first partner then steadily moves into a bridge-like position, the butt is lifted off the ground and the back is parallel to the ground. Then, the two lovers start to glide up and down. It is a very demanding position and the lover below has to be very fit. It demands a lot of energy but the Aries full of stamina is more than ready to meet such demands.


In this interesting and catchy position, the first lover has his or her feet placed together and the knees are held in a slightly bent position. Close to the feet of the first lover is a pillow or soft fabric were second lover and place the elbows. After that, the first lover grabs the ankles of the second lover and with a bent knee, gets set to penetrate from the rear position. As expected, this is a very challenging and demanding position that needs a lot of energy, balance, and stamina. But once again, it is a style that you can be sure will not give any stress to the Aries.


With the Aries, you can never run out of interesting and enchanting styles for making love. Another one straight from the Kama Sutra that is beloved to the Aries is the caliper position of sex. Here, the couple stand in a way that they face each other and the penetrating partner lifts the other up. The second lover then bends her knees while also pressing her lower limbs on the right or left side of her partner’s body. While this is going on, the first partner grabs the ankles or heels of the feet. But that is not where the action ends, there is another amazing step.

The second partner than wraps her upper limbs around the neck of the partner. This is to provide more support before the real penetration starts. It is very apparent that before both sides can pull this off, they have to have great levels of muscular performance, stamina, and solid physique. But once again, everything about Aries is full of energy and this explains why this is another style that will pose no problem of any kind.

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