When it comes to sex, Aquarius becomes one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac to study. The second to the last sign on the Zodiac, Aquarians are those born in the period of the year that starts from the 20th of January and ends on the 18th of February.

Because of the influencing factor controlling their spirits, the Water Bearers are known for being pragmatic, sensitive, friendly, intelligent but also very strange and unpredictable. This bizarre mix of characters is what the Aquarian also brings to and displays in the bedroom. With the Aquarian, sex is definitely far from being ordinary. The stranger and crazier the sex, the better for an Aquarian.

Actually, this should not even come as any kind of surprise for anyone. That is because when one carefully studies the nature of this open-minded being, they have a totally different view on life and everything that is connected to sex and sexuality.

An Aquarian is under the influence of the ever-dynamic Uranus and the powerful Saturn. This explains why being in the bedroom with an Aquarian is never going to be a boring session. The Aquarian is always open to trying various experiences in bed, be it endless overnight sessions or even bestial sexual acts or making use devices – nothing is out of bounds for the Aquarian. If you are going to be in bed with the Aquarian, then you have to get ready and be fully set. In the sections below are the best sex positions for Aquarius.

Magic Mountain

Just as the name implies, this is a very interesting position to make love. In this style, the recipient is positioned against a chair or the side of a bed. Then the penetrating partner moves over her, with his legs to the external sides of the recipient, and then he can start the penetration from the rear. It can also be modified in a way that makes it look like conventional doggy. Also, because the Aquarius loves to experiment and explore, the sense of fun can even be heightened by the utilization of sex toys to stimulate the genitals of both parties. It is a position that offers some of the most intense levels of pleasure for both parties.

Airborne Performer

In this demanding style, the penetrating partner is in a standing position and the recipient is carried up in the air, with her legs looped around the body of the penetrating partner who positions his hands under her buttocks for sexual grabbing and also to provide stability and support as she remains suspended.

Lateral Vibe

Here is another style that the Aquarians consider to be one of the most sophisticated for them and the reason for such a conclusion will become apparent very soon. In the lateral vibe position, the recipient is laying on her side, supporting her body by resting on her hand and it is while staying in this position that the penetrating partner slides into her from the lateral position. The penetrating side can also grab the recipient’s hip or raise the external leg of the recipient and adjust the angle. In a case where the recipient relaxes her thighs on a pillow or other soft material, the penetrating partner is even able to go much deeper. The extent of the depth of the penetration, the dynamic nature and the ability to change positions easily are some of the features that make this style absolutely attractive to the Water Bearer.

For more support and erotic feelings, the recipient can also loop one of her upper limbs around the neck of the other partner as he bangs away. That one side will remain suspended in the air while the steady penetrative thrusts are delivered is one thing that will surely keep the Aquarius interested – the air is one of the elements ruling this sign of the Zodiac.

The Rocking Horse

For the Aquarius lady who loves to be in total control of the bedroom show, this is the sex position to go for. If she does it as it should be done, then the man is going to experience such intense orgasm that he is going to be transported to another world entirely.

In this position, the man will rest on his arms and his legs flexed while the lady balances on him. Then she moves one of her legs towards his back while flexing the second leg with her hand. That way, the lady is positioned ahead of him and that is why it is called the rocking horse – she in a position to rock him like a horse. Apart from the intense level of penetration that is achieved, it is a generally pleasant posture for making love.

Side Lotus

In this sex style, the partners are positioned in such a way that they face each other while lying on their lateral ends. The recipient then loops her legs around the body of the penetrating partner, locking up the loop at the ankles. This allows the penetrating partner to have total control over the depth, pressure, and frequency of the thrusts as he penetrates. This is one style where the Aquarian loses all sense of shame and can be seen uttering the most erotic of all words with nonstop fondling of both partners. It is a reliable position to reach climax and feel every aspect of the pleasure.

Curled Amazon

This is one of the most ‘bizarre’ positions that anyone can use when it comes to making love. In this style, the recipient climbs the penetrating partner from the lateral angle. She does this as she is doing a combination of squatting and kneeling. Remember that the male is on the ground lying on his back and his legs raised backward. As the recipient is resting mainly on one side of the body of the penetrator, he can shift his leg in an extended position so that he can even achieve better levels of penetration. For apparent reasons, this is one style that is dear to the heart of all Aquarians.

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